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Product Update September 2020 (Clone)

We are excited to announce the release of a new productivity dashboard, added functionality to our mobile apps, and updates to our Notices Tool.

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Micala Ricketts

Micala Ricketts

We’ve been busy enhancing our Practice Management and Tax Resolution suites to enable an even better Canopy experience for you and your team. We are excited to announce the release of a new dashboard, added functionality to our mobile apps, and updates to our Notices Tool.

Here’s what’s new: 

Practice Management


The time for rough estimates on how much time your teams spend on a project is over! In answer to customer requests, we’ve added time tracking to workflow capabilities. You can now track time directly on tasks and subtasks by attaching existing time entries to already-created tasks or subtasks or by starting a new time entry from any task workspace. 

Learn more about time+workflow.

Productivity dashboard

Our new productivity dashboard is designed to display time budgets on all tasks and subtasks, enabling your team to become even more efficient than they already are. You’ll be able to better track how long projects are taking your team to complete and see a deep dive into all of your time tracking data. 

Learn more about the productivity dashboard. 

New mobile features

There has been functionality added to both our Canopy app and our Client Portal apps. Mobile now includes tasks, enabling you to work more effectively when you’re away from your desk. You’ll be able to add tasks on-the-go whether you’re in a meeting, at lunch, or out of the office. 

Client requests are now available on mobile as well. You’ll be able to create, send, and comment on client requests, and your clients will be able to comment on their end. 

Learn more about tasks on mobile

Learn more about client requests on mobile.

Coming soon 

The ability to annotate PDFs without any external tools is coming soon to Canopy’s document management features. 

Tax Resolution

Notices eSign

Save time and streamline the notice resolution process by adding the ability to eSign an editable document within the Notice Tool.

Learn more about Notices eSign

Coming soon 

Soon contact information and information supplied through Canopy’s client survey will auto-populate on the administrative forms in the Notices Tool. 

For more insight into what Canopy's working on, attend our next First Look webinar in October.

See how Canopy can help your accounting firm 

Want to see these features for yourself? Sign up for a personalized demo of Canopy with one of our product specialists. They’ll give you a guided tour and answer any questions you have about Practice Management or Tax Resolution. 

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