Do You Know What Your Clients Received in EIP3 and 
Child Tax Credits?

Do they even know? Canopy's transcript tool is your secret weapon. Schedule a demo and we can show you how.

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Reconcile EIP3 and child tax credit payments. Save time and heartache with Canopy's IRS-approved transcript tool.

As you've probably already noticed, there's an incredible amount of uncertainty surrounding child tax credit payments in 2021. The IRS has even sent out letters to let filers know that they may have incorrect information about what advance child tax credit payments they received. Further, some individuals may have received more than one EIP3 payment. Fortunately, Canopy's IRS transcript tool helps you reconcile EIP3 and child tax credit payments by verifying amounts with transcripts. 

How can Canopy's award-winning transcript tool help?


- Quickly and securely pull IRS transcripts

- Use transcripts to reconcile advance child tax credit and EIP3 payments by verifying amounts the IRS issued

- See if a payment check was returned to the IRS as undeliverable

- Save time and frustration. Rather than sit on hold with the IRS or trust that your client has provided you with the correct information, let Canopy's transcript tool simplify the process

- Get easy to read and digest transcript reports with actionable recommendations

-  Filter and total payment amounts extracted from the IRS transcript

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