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Tax resolution cases

While it may not be the bulk (or favorite part) of your firm’s business, occasionally everyone has clients that need assistance resolving an IRS case. Canopy Tax Resolution builds off of the Client Management module to help make the IRS case resolution process simpler for your firm. Once you’ve selected the type of case you’re working on for your client, you simply follow the recommended next steps that Canopy has built out (or you can build your own custom step-by-step template, you on-brand overachiever you). Canopy can guide you step-by-step through the whole process, whatever case type you might have:

  • Collections: installment agreements, offers-in-compromise, currently non collectible, liens, levies
  • Penalties: trust fund recovery, first-time penalty abatement, reasonable cause penalty abatement
  • Spousal relief: innocent spouse relief, separation of liability or injured spouse allocation, equitable relief

Outcome resolution information

We know that you and your clients work hard to avoid IRS cases, but when one occurs, Canopy can help to guide you through.

Case service assistant

To get started, Canopy asks a series of questions about the client and based on the answers, we guide you to recommendations for how to resolve the issue.

Overview information

Canopy gives you practically everything you need to know about each case type. Including an overview of the case type, information on who to call at the IRS, script of talking points, and links to important or relevant IRS articles.

Recommended resolution steps

When we say that Canopy helps guide you through the process we mean it and include step-by-step guides. Each template is completely customizable to match your firm’s processes. And from each template, you can also easily link to any pulled transcripts for the client, make quick notes, and see associated files. We don’t want to say that resolving IRS cases is easy — but it’s definitely easier with Canopy.

Survey style forms that auto populate Federal and State forms

Your client fills out the Canopy survey you send them (via their client portal, another perk of having the Canopy Client Management platform), Canopy then asks you - the accountant - questions. Then Canopy takes the information from both the client and the accountant and uses it to auto populate the legal form. All that’s left for you to do, is review and edit the form, if necessary. Finally, share it with your client in the client portal for them to eSign (if Document Management is purchased) and return to you. Then it’s ready to print and file with the IRS.

Client communication tools

Resolving a case requires you to collect data from your clients, Canopy makes it simple, with our letter generator, client requests, and financial questionnaire. And because Tax Resolution works in conjunction with Client Management it’s easy to send to your client’s portal where they can quickly and easily respond. And automatically remind them in case they forget to respond.

Letter generator

Canopy offers custom and editable templates that allow you to send out engagement letters (or really, any letter you want) to your clients to get your tax resolution cases started. Better yet the letters automatically fill in any information from your client’s record. Additionally, it highlights in red text the areas you need to complete or delete if not relevant to your client. And because Tax Resolution is integrated with Client Management, it’s easy to share with your client via their Client Portal. And have them eSign it if you’ve purchased Document Management.

Client requests

Any kind of to do that you request of your client. Need them to send you documentation? Send a client request. Need them to eSign a document (requires Document Management license)? Send them a client request and the process is seamless. You get the idea.

Client financial questionnaire

Have a lot of questions or information you need to gather from your clients? It’s easy to send a client survey and have them fill out all that information directly in Canopy. Or you can fill it out on their behalf during a client meeting. The best part, this information is used to populate 433 series IRS forms.

Collections outcomes analytics

Last, but not least is a bonus feature for those pesky collections cases. When you’re trying to figure out what amount you could negotiate with the IRS on behalf of a client, what potential payment plans could I put together, etc, the Canopy collections analytics tool evaluates your client’s financial profile and recommends available courses of action for resolving their tax debt.

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