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Feb 10, 2022 3 min read

3 Things The Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Management

Here are 3 things your business can learn from the Super Bowl. Check it out!  

3 Things The Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Management

Most football-loving and commercial-loving Americans are getting ready to watch Super Bowl LVI this Sunday where the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will face off in L.A. As the country prepares for the big game, we decided to take a look at some business lessons that can be taken from the Super Bowl. Here are 3 things your business can learn from the Super Bowl. 

Be flexible and ready to adapt to change

It’s important for every professional in all fields to remain open-minded to adjustments. Like in football, the plan you make to prepare for the big game might need to be changed in the second half depending on how the first half went. For example, when you first start working with a client, you also develop a game plan to help them achieve their goals. Even though starting out with a plan is a great idea, it’s important not to follow the original plan too strictly. Try to keep an open mind and be ready to adjust the original plan as new challenges arise. Don't get too caught up in the planning/adjusting stage—take the time to celebrate each touchdown! Each touchdown is another step closer to your firm's overall goals. 

Know your opponent

It’s important to know your opponent in football, and similarly, it’s important to know your competition in business. As the accounting industry continues to change and innovate with technology, it’s crucial for your firm to remain competitive in the market. Another industry shift experts are predicting now, is the change to value-based pricing vs. billing for your time. Many accounting professionals are also expanding the scope of their firm by offering advisory services to their clients. Making sure you are aware of the latest industry trends will help you stay ahead of your competition and stand out as the best option to potential clients. Don't fumble the opportunity to intercept your competition! 🏈  

Teamwork leads to success 

This one is an obvious lesson that can be learned from watching pretty much any team sport, but it’s still a valuable one to spotlight nonetheless. Encouraging teamwork at your office can increase morale, bring in new ideas, and improve efficiency. Teamwork helps raise employee morale since workers feel heard and a part of something bigger than just their individual role. Hosting group team building sessions can lead to brainstorming new ideas which in turn improves processes at your firm. Incorporating teamwork into your firm’s management strategy will inevitably improve your overall performance—no one person has all the answers and teamwork evens out the workload.

Do you plan to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday? Let us know if there are any other lessons that can be taken from the big event in the comments below. 

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