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Aug 21, 2015 3 min read

3 Ways to Market Your Tax Resolution Firm

A successful marketing strategy is one that works for your specific audience and fits within your budget.

3 Ways to Market Your Tax Resolution Firm

There are a variety of marketing strategies, technologies, and methods you can use to market your tax resolution firm. You can experiment with multiple methods and marketing strategies to see which one works best for you.  A successful marketing strategy is one that works for your audience and fits your budget.

Here are 3 ways you can market your tax resolution firm:

1. Video Content

Cisco predicts that video content will make up 55% of web traffic by 2016. Having videos on your website boosts your SEO. Visitors are more likely to stay on your site longer if there is video content to engage with. Video grabs attention better than print!

You can be creative about how you use video content. Create a video of you and your team talking about your tax resolution services and expertise. This will give customers a chance to get to know you before they even meet you!

Make sure you keep the video crisp - the last thing you want is a 20 second intro where viewers get bored and stop watching!

Upload your videos to Youtube and then embed those videos on your website. Use videos in emails as well. If you use video marketing to get the word out about your tax resolution firm, you will see better results and a higher conversion rate.

2. Start blogging and writing articles

Blogging and writing articles is another effective way to market your practice. You don't have to be an expert writer to have a good blog. Why not create a video blog post, where you have a one minute video and then 250-300 words of text about tax resolution?

You can also hire a writer or ghostwriter to knock out blog posts for you. Make sure you have a strategy, a schedule, and make use of key words to boost your website.

Blogging does a few things for your website and business:

  • Increases website traffic with quality content
  • Boosts your SEO
  • Builds your reputation as a leader in your industry

There are a few tax resolution blogs and websites that do this really well. I particularly like Jassen Bowman's blog on tax resolution. His posts are very detailed and helpful. If you are just getting started, you might not have the resources for such in-depth posts. Keep it simple by posting articles around 250-500 words. Make sure your titles are catchy and use lists wherever you can!

3. Collaboration is key

Teamwork is the foundation of business success - even in social media and online marketing. Without other individuals that enjoy and reshare your content, it will be hard to build a following.

How can you design a collaboration strategy?

Get involved in the community. Can you speak at a local event? Offer a free tax resolution class at a cafe or library? This is a great way to build your name in the community and build your digital following.

Build relationships over social media. Twitter is an excellent resource to use. You can message others directly and invite them to be a guest contributor on your blog. Choose individuals that you want to build a long-term relationship with.

You want to build quality, long-lasting relationships from your social media efforts. It's a really fantastic medium to connect with individuals you may not have met in person otherwise. Who knows, maybe you will connect with someone and then meet them in person at a tax resolution conference one day!

Contribute to others websites and blogs. If you have a genuine interest in helping others, that actually goes a long way in a marketing collaboration strategy! You can produce amazing results and have access to a number of new followers by offering to collaborate, promote others, and share your expertise.

There is no one way to market your tax resolution firm. You have a number of options to choose from. Remember to choose the method that works best for your audience and drives new customers! 

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