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Aug 6, 2015 2 min read

5 Ways a Tax Resolution CRM Increases Revenue

Using an advanced CRM solution, you will be able to offer your clients a better experience and real-time accessibility.

5 Ways a Tax Resolution CRM Increases Revenue

Tax resolution services and client relationship management go hand in hand, as resolving tax controversies can be a highly specialized process. As you scale your tax resolution business and add more clients, you will need to stay organized to ensure quality service. That's where a CRM system specifically designed for tax resolution becomes highly valuable.

How can your customer relationship management tool increase your tax resolution revenue?

1. Advanced technology features make your service more valuable

If you are using an advanced CRM solution, you will be able to offer your clients a better experience and real-time accessibility. When you are able to offer this type of advanced package, you can price your services accordingly.

Technology that has a built-in client portal, as well as a client survey for auto-populating tax forms, saves time for you and the client. Specialized features such as document sharing and task creation increase the ability to communicate quickly and creates an overall more seamless tax resolution process.

2. Cloud-based services offer constant updates to enhance client experience

Another benefit of using a cloud-based service is the constant updates available to you and the client. To stay competitive, cloud-based CRM companies are typically always adding and improving features, which means your already enhanced technology package will only get better.

3. You can set yourself apart from other tax resolution specialists 

Ron Baker, author and consultant, told the Journal of Accountancy that technology is one way for tax professionals to set a higher price rate:

"What type of technology are you going to make available? Maybe at a lower-priced option level the client wouldn’t have a portal, for instance, and so you wouldn’t put them in the cloud. Or at the higher-priced option you could integrate various apps that offer dashboards and other types of real-time information and analytics. So the technology might be different."

4. Productivity gains from CRM allow you more time to capture additional sales

If used correctly, a CRM can increase productivity by 30%. A tax resolution CRM should be simple, clear, and usable. You want to access client information from anywhere at anytime. If you are spending hours entering information into tax forms, you are losing valuable time servicing clients or finding new clients.

5. Tax resolution CRM gives you detailed customer data

A CRM will maintain a detailed client history within the platform, allowing you to quickly access past discussions and sales interactions with the client. When you are working on

Tax resolution CRM allows you to differentiate your services compared to other tax resolution specialists. Better customer experiences with CRM generate more customer referrals and long-term customers. The time save alone from tax resolution CRM allows you to add more clients to  your practice, increasing your revenue potential.

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