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Building an Outstanding Team: Wisdom Gained from Two Decades of Experience

With over twenty years dedicated to nurturing team growth, Jason Blumer, CPA has gained a profound understanding of the pivotal role team building plays in a company's expansion.

Building an Outstanding Team: Wisdom Gained from Two Decades of Experience

With over twenty years dedicated to nurturing team growth, Jason Blumer has gained a profound understanding of the pivotal role team building plays in a company's expansion. Leading and assembling a team presents a challenging journey filled with intricacies that every leader faces. If you're grappling with these challenges, know you're not alone.

In Canopy’s ebook, "Building the Ideal Team in Your Accounting Firm," Jason Blumer talks about how the hiring process, which is often viewed as a beacon of hope for organizational growth, is shrouded in uncertainty. Initial interview impressions may not always unveil a candidate's true potential or alignment with the company's culture and objectives. Furthermore, a once compatible team member may evolve in ways that diverge from the company's trajectory, creating a challenge that leaders must navigate with grace and insight.

Acknowledging that expertise in hiring and team leadership is honed through experience and repetition is crucial. A prevalent misconception is that hiring more experienced team members guarantees a seamless fit. However, experience alone is not a panacea. Integrating a new hire into the company demands a comprehensive training process to familiarize them with the organization's unique dynamics.

This eBook aims to debunk myths surrounding hiring practices and present strategies for building exceptional teams. These strategies encompass cultivating a robust culture, ensuring professional accountability, and embracing a holistic approach to team development. Below are five key tips outlined in this ebook:


5 Steps to Improving Your Team

1. Implementing Regular Meetings

Integrating recurring team meetings promotes unity and commitment. For example, Jason’s team has weekly Wednesday meetings at noon, focusing on culture over client work. These meetings are central to his team's cohesion. These meetings, devoid of daily tasks, foster personal connections among team members, reinforcing company values and vision.

2. Structured Training Using Gantt Charts

Utilizing tools like Gantt Charts for the first 90 days is crucial for effectively integrating new team members. This period is key for assessing fit and ensuring new hires understand company operations, values, and expectations. Regular interactions with different team leaders enhance this training process.

3. Embracing Tech-Driven Training

While personalized training is valuable, technology can boost efficiency and reach. Platforms like Loom offer:

  • A novel way to standardize training procedures.
  • Creation of a comprehensive onboarding library for new team members to access at their own pace.
  • Ensuring continuous development post-onboarding.

4. Four Steps to Successful Hiring

Hiring is an art that requires ongoing refinement. The four-step process starts with storytelling to assess candidate fit, followed by a company presentation to align expectations. Further stages involve deeper engagements with leadership and a final review to confirm cultural alignment.

5. Staying Connected with Your Team

Regular communication through monthly or quarterly dialogues nurtures a culture of growth, accountability, and respect. This practice keeps the team aligned with company objectives while fostering professional development support.


An Ongoing Process

Building an exceptional team is an investment in your company's future. By implementing the strategies outlined in this eBook, you're enhancing your service delivery to clients and laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and continuity. Reflect on the opportunities to fortify your team and commit to practices that will pave the way for a prosperous future.

Interested in learning how to create an exceptional team at your accounting firm? Explore the complete ebook "Building the Ideal Team in Your Accounting Firm" for more insights.


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