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Aug 23, 2022 3 min read

Integrations Your Accounting Practice Management Software Needs

Here are 3 integrations your practice management software needs.

Integrations Your Accounting Practice Management Software Needs

The right software integrations can cut costs, increase productivity, and expand seamless communication across your accounting firm. Looking for the right practice management software for your accounting firm? Be sure to check out the integrations. Here are 3 integrations your practice management software needs. 

Integrations your practice management software needs

QuickBooks Online: Juggling multiple systems is a hassle and interrupts your work groove. A QuickBooks Online integration with a robust practice management solution means you can say goodbye to double entry and enjoy transparency and workflow visibility.  

IRS Transcripts: Pulling transcripts from the IRS website is an unintuitive, clunky and time-consuming process. Choosing a practice management software with an IRS Transcripts integration can save time, keep things organized, and eliminate all of the pain points with the IRS website. Did we mention that Canopy’s official integration with the IRS means users only need to log in once. That’s right—no need to re-login each time you need to pull a transcript. 

Google and Outlook: Integrations with Gmail and Outlook allow you to stay up to date with your email and calendar without ever having to leave your practice management tool! Everything in your email—including folders, tags, etc.—syncs to your practice management tool. Additionally, you can create tasks directly from emails and keep your workflow organized all in one place.

Complimentary software to increase ROI on your practice management software

In addition to native integrations with practice management software, here are 3 software solutions that can pair nicely with a practice management software. 

Google Sheets: While Excel is often a more preferred tool among accounting professionals for its robust features, it is not the most effective option for quick collaboration within teams. It may not have the same features as Excel, but Google Sheets allows you to share documents and files with clients or team members fast. Permission settings can be selected when sharing documents and files for added security, historical changes can be viewed for full transparency, and formulas or conditional formatting can be applied to automate certain processes.

Slack or Microsoft Teams: Need a tool that gives you the option to direct message your team or other departments in the firm? Slack or Microsoft Teams are trusted instant messaging platforms that provide various pricing options, so you can pick one that won’t break the bank. Perfect for instances when a faster response is needed, or a convenient way to share industry news or updates across teams and departments. Whether you own your own business or work for an established accounting firm, social media can play a big role in growing the business and attracting new clientele—especially a younger generation.

Hootsuite: Managing and posting consistently on social media platforms can take up a significant amount of your time, but tools like Hootsuite, streamline the process, saving you valuable time. Schedule posts ahead of time and choose whether you want to post across all social media platforms or only a select few. Regardless of whether you have a physical office location or have your own virtual accounting firm, you can stay connected with team members and clients through Zoom—an easy-to-use video conferencing tool. Join meetings by phone or video chat to stay connected regardless of distance (all you need is an internet connection). Download the app on any device so you can have the flexibility to join meetings from your mobile phone or tablet as well.

Knowing what your needs are

Some integrations (like QBO) are crucial to your firm’s success, while others can be accomplished through other solutions. Instead of finding a practice management solution with video chat capabilities, consider using other solutions to meet that need, like Google Meet. When you’re looking to implement a practice management software for your business, it’s important to understand what it needs and what it doesn’t need. 

Do you have more questions about finding the best practice management solution? Find more information here. 

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