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May 3, 2018 3 min read

Canopy's July Tax and Accounting Trade Show Schedule

Where can you find Canopy in July? At tax and accounting trade shows of course! Read to see where to find our green-clad tax software experts this month.

Canopy's July Tax and Accounting Trade Show Schedule

Happy July! It’s that time of year again: fireworks, backyard barbecues, a boatload of tax and accounting trade shows! Our product reps will be busy attending 14 different trade shows and conferences this month so they can talk with you and answer your software questions face-to-face.

If you’re planning to attend any of the trade shows or conventions listed below, stop by our big green booth and say hi. We’d love to show you exactly why so many of your peers are jumping on the Canopy bandwagon.


7/10                 San Jose, CA                     Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/10-7/11       New York, NY                  Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

7/11                 San Francisco, CA           Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/11-7/13       Orlando, FL                     Tax Forum by IRS

7/12.                Pleasanton, CA               Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/12-7/13       New York, NY                  Annual NY Accounting Show by Flagg

7/13                Sacramento, CA              Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/14                Culver City, CA                Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/17                San Diego, CA                 Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/18                Orange, CA                      Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/19                Burbank, CA                    Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/24-7/25      Orlando, FL                     Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

7/25-7/27      Dallas, TX                        Tax Forum by IRS

7/31-8/2        Las Vegas, NV                 National Conference by NAEA

Interested in learning more about our software, but can’t make it to one of these trade shows this month? Schedule a free demo with one of our software consultants to see why Canopy could be the best thing to ever happen to your practice.

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