Jan 17, 2024 2 min read

Nancy McClelland on Balancing Passion, Work, and Maintaining the Human Touch in AI

Nancy McClelland shares her experience of balancing her passions with profession, commitment to creating a caring workplace, and discussing AI in accounting while emphasizing the importance of maintaining a human touch.

Nancy McClelland on Balancing Passion, Work, and Maintaining the Human Touch in AI

Nancy McClelland, CPA & Owner of The Dancing Accountant discusses how she balances her love for dance, her passion for her profession, and her commitment to creating a caring and supportive workplace. It explores the opportunities and challenges presented by AI in accounting, showcasing Nancy's enthusiasm for embracing technology while also prioritizing the human element.

Three Main Ideas: 
  1. Integrating passions and work: The importance of integrating passion and personal interests into professional work, as seen through Nancy McClelland's incorporation of dancing into her accounting career.

  2. Creating your own brand: Creating a unique brand and identity in the accounting industry, exemplified by The Dancing Accountant firm helps to build relationships with clients and leave a memorable impression.

  3. Benefits & Challenges of AI: The benefits and challenges of incorporating AI and automation in accounting ensure a balance between technological advancements and human skills. This includes improving efficiency and the need for ongoing evaluation and training within a firm. 

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