Nov 15, 2023 3 min read

Randy Crabtree on Mental Health Awareness

Randy Crabtree discusses his passion behind the ability to have a work/life balance and business success.

Randy Crabtree on Mental Health Awareness

In this episdoe, Randy Crabtree, co-founder and partner at Trimerit, talks about his career journey and the founding of his tax firm. He shares how he transitioned from computer science to sales before realizing his passion for accounting and becoming a CPA. 


Randy also discusses his experience with burnout and mental health, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues in the accounting industry. He shares his personal story of surviving a stroke and the subsequent mental health challenges he faced. 

Randy emphasizes the need to prioritize rest, mental well-being, and open conversations about burnout and mental health in the profession.


Three Main Ideas: 

  1. Randy Crabtree’s personal experience with burnout and mental health: Randy shares their personal journey of experiencing burnout in their accounting career and having a stroke, which led to mental health issues such as PTSD, panic attacks, and depression. They emphasize the importance of addressing burnout and mental health challenges and seeking professional help.
  2. Strategies for coping with burnout: The speaker suggests various strategies for coping with burnout. These strategies include taking breaks during the workday, allowing time for brain regeneration, implementing a shutdown ritual at the end of the day, and setting boundaries with work outside of working hours. Randy again stresses the need to prioritize self-care and mental well-being.
  3. Creating a positive work culture: Randy highlights the significance of creating a positive work culture that values employee well-being and promotes a healthy work-life balance. They discuss the impact of employee satisfaction and retention, emphasizing the importance of investing in company culture.


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