Mar 27, 2024 3 min read

Randy Johnston Talks About Accounting Trends, Selecting a Vertical, and the Significance of Technology.

Learn about tech adoption, change management, and implementation strategies for accounting firms to optimize services and staff efficiency.

Randy Johnston Talks About Accounting Trends, Selecting a Vertical, and the Significance of Technology.

Randy Johnston, executive vice president of K2 Enterprises, sits down with Canopy to discuss his 30+ years in accounting and technology. In the episode Randy discusses the need for keeping up on accounting trends, why it's important for accounting firms to identify who they are and what they do, and why technology is crucial to running and efficient firm. 


Three Main Ideas:

  1. Evolution of Technology in Accounting: Randy shares his experience with accounting tech evolution, highlighting the shift from mini computers to cloud computing. Choosing the right tech stack is crucial for firms to match their operations and services, involving understanding needs, exploring various solutions, and optimizing tech for staff and client service.

  2. Technology Adoption and Change Management: Johnston emphasizes a thoughtful approach to new tech adoption, analyzing current processes, engaging team members, and evaluating capabilities. Continuous evaluation and adaptation are key, with technology reviews every decade to stay aligned with objectives and advancements.

  3. Implementation Strategies and Change Management: Strategies for tech implementation in accounting firms address challenges like change resistance and staff retraining. Involving team members early, sharing training materials, and iterative improvement are essential for technology to meet firm needs.

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