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The Secret to Doubling Your Tax Resolution Business This Tax Season

In the face of 2.5 months of inescapable tax talk, people with tax problems are more motivated than ever to get that problem solved.

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Many tax pros have a habit of putting their tax resolution services on hold as tax prep season approaches--but this is a mistake. For practitioners who offer tax resolution services, tax season provides an unparalleled opportunity to expand that portion of your business.

How do I know?

When I worked as a tax attorney, we typically took on twice as many tax resolution cases during tax season. Interested in taking advantage of this phenomenon? Here's why tax season is the ideal time to market your tax resolution services.

Everyone Is Already Thinking About Taxes

Most people don’t really like thinking about taxes, and that’s especially true for people who find themselves on the wrong side of the IRS.

But from February until mid-April, national visibility on taxes skyrockets. Major news outlets talk tax tips on a daily basis for 11 weeks straight. Massive, national accounting chains spend hundreds of millions on high-profile ad spots. Taxes become a topic of small talk at awkward family gatherings and around the water cooler at work. In fact, you could say that our annual obsession with taxes does the hard work of attracting clients for you.

marketing tax resolution during tax season

In the face of two and a half months of inescapable tax talk, people with tax problems are more motivated than ever to get that problem solved. The constant tax-related noise is only a continuous reminder of a problem these troubled taxpayers can no longer successfully ignore, and they start looking for answers. And if you’re actively marketing your tax resolution services during tax season, they'll head straight for your office.

Tax Resolution Pays Better than Tax Preparation

Some tax pros really enjoy the tax-prep heavy model of doing business. For others, it’s stressful and exhausting to work twelve-hour days for 11 weeks straight in hopes of earning enough to tide them over until next year’s 11-week sprint. Lucky for the latter group, this isn’t the only option.

perks of offering tax resolution

Offering tax resolution allows you to make more money without concentrating 90% of your income into two and a half months of manic work. If a tax preparation-dependent business model stresses you out, emphasizing your tax resolution services during tax season could be just the thing you need to break that cycle.

Other Tax Pros Will Send You Business

Because many practitioners prefer not to do tax resolution work, they’re happy to refer clients to practitioners willing to take on tax resolution cases during tax season. For you to be on the receiving end of those kinds of referrals, you have to reach out to other local tax pros. With a little bit of networking, you can make your practice the go-to option for tax resolution in your community, and there's never been a better time to get started.

networking with other tax pros

Not convinced you should jump into tax resolution? Get our free ebook 7 Big Reasons You Should Offer Tax Resolution and find out why so many tax pros are making the switch from tax prep to tax resolution.

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