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Top 10 Tax-Related CPE Options

Looking for a good, tax-related CPE course? We've rounded up a list of our top 10 recommendations that are proven to be valuable. See details!

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Micala Ricketts

Micala Ricketts

1. Canopy, "IRS Penalty Abatement Basics"

Format: Webinar
Credits: 1

This two-part series is one of the most comprehensive CPE courses on the market to address IRS penalty abatement. You’ll be more than ready to assist any client who is dealing with penalties and provide them with quality representation. From learning how and why penalties are applied to understanding first time abatement processes, you can help reduce your client’s penalties with the IRS.

2. Surgent, “The Best Federal Tax Update Course”

Format: Webinar, Self-Study
Credits: 8 to 16

There’s no doubt that we’ve seen some of the most sweeping changes to tax law in recent years. This best-selling, tax-related CPE course focuses on full coverage of the latest tax reform, helping you understand the latest changes. It’s ideal for gaining the insight you need to determine how the newest federal tax laws affect your clients, both individual and corporate.

3. Western CPE, “Real Estate Taxation and Investments”

Format: Self-Study
Credits: 3

You can’t miss one of the most affordable and complete CPE courses on the all-important areas of real estate taxation and investments. Highlights include defining real estate professionals, how to view vacation homes and rental properties, foreclosures, and how to handle Airbnb and similar investment properties.

4. Accountants Education Group, “1040 Workshop”

Format: Self-Study
Credits: 40

Combining the latest developments in individual tax essentials, this comprehensive CPE course explores numerous topics that every tax professional needs. The text provides you with the information you need and will quickly become your go-to resource. With new insights into tax savings and related planning for the individual client, the course brings multiple concepts into one helpful text.

5. Canopy, “1099 Form Instructions for Practitioners”

Format: Webinar
Credits: 1

This series of informative tax-related CPE courses dives deep into the 1099 information reporting forms. Independent contractors require a 1099 form, which can cause all kinds of complications at tax time. You’ll learn everything from compliance rules to how to help your client avoid penalties.


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6. Surgent, “The Best Individual Income Tax Update Course”

Format: Webinar / Self-Study
Credits: 8 to 16

This is an excellent course that provides up-to-date knowledge of individual tax essentials based on the latest tax reform. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to understand and then apply these sweeping changes to their individual clients. The CPE course covers many important areas like deductions, retirement planning, and tax planning for the future.

7. Western CPE, “2017-2018 Federal Tax Update”

Format: Live Seminar / Webcast / Self-Study
Credits: 4 to 16

To understand the latest federal tax reform changes, you can take this comprehensive course via several different robust formats. Individual and corporate clients will be coming to you for answers, and after this course, you’ll be completely up to speed. The information you learn here will be an incredible resource as you prepare for another busy tax season.

8. Canopy, “Virtual Currency and Taxation”

Format: Webinar
Credits: 1

What are CPAs to do with virtual currency? From Bitcoin to blockchain, it’s a whole new area of taxation that can leave you confused unless you educate yourself on the ins and outs of cryptocurrency. This course teaches what the IRS expects for tax purposes, how ownership and value are determined, and what it means for an individual client’s taxes.  

9. Ultimate CPE, “Corporate Tax Planning 2020"

Format: Digital / Self-Study
Credits: 25

Few CPE courses pack as many credits for the price as this inclusive offer. It's specifically designed to provide you with the latest on corporate tax planning. Topics include corporate business deductions, estate planning, and fringe benefits.

10. AICPA, “SEC Reporting”

Format: Digital / Self-Study
Credits: 18 to 22

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without this course, which teaches you the latest in SEC reporting requirements. Because SEC reporting changes all the time, it’s important for you to stay ahead of the latest developments. If you have clients that are SEC registrants, you’ll want to be prepared with the information in this popular and informative course.

Every state has different CPE credit requirements, so it’s up to you to determine what courses are acceptable to your State Board of Accountancy.

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