Randy Johnston Talks About Accounting Trends, Selecting a Vertical,...

Randy Johnston, executive vice president of K2 Enterprises, sits down with Canopy to discuss his 30+ years in accounting and technology. In the episode Randy discusses the need...

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Ben Richmond on the Benefits of the Cloud and the Future Role of...

In this episode, Ben Richmond, the U.S. Country Manager for Xero talks about the benefits of shifting your accounting firm to the cloud. He also delves into the difference between...

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Liz Scott on Tech Selection: Empowering Accountants as Tech Advisors

In this episode of Canopy's Practice Success podcast, Liz Scott discusses the critical aspects of technology in accounting. She draws an analogy between selecting tech apps and...

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Terrell Turner on Building a Firm, Finding a Niche, and Creating...

Terrell Turner, co-founder of TLTurner Group and co-host of the Things Your Accountant Isn't Telling You Podcast, shares tips for building a firm from scratch, how to find your...

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Dawn Brolin's Keys to a Successful Work-Life Balance

Dawn Brolin, CEO of Powerful Accounting provides valuable insights into achieving success and work-life balance in the accounting profession. She encourages accountants to...

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Nancy McClelland on Balancing Passion, Work, and Maintaining the...

Nancy McClelland, CPA & Owner of The Dancing Accountant discusses how she balances her love for dance, her passion for her profession, and her commitment to creating a caring and...

1/17/24 LEARN MORE
Elizabeth Manso on Embracing Technology, Meaningful Relationships,...

Elizabeth Manso, President and Founder of Brigade — which provides real-time business accounting consulting, shares how her firm bravely embraced technological transformation,...

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Stephen Smith Dives into Creating Niche Audiences

12/13/23 LEARN MORE
Scott Scarano talks AI and Creativity in the Accounting Industry

In this episode, Scott Scarano talks of his career journey, which involves a blend of accounting and entrepreneurship. Scott comes from a family with a background in accounting,...

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Randy Crabtree on Mental Health Awareness

In this episdoe, Randy Crabtree, co-founder and partner at Trimerit, talks about his career journey and the founding of his tax firm. He shares how he transitioned from computer...

11/15/23 LEARN MORE
Sean Duncan on the Transformation of Traditional Accounting and Role...

In Episode 2 of the Practice Success Podcast Sean Duncan, CPA from SMD Accounting shares his journey from corporate accounting to starting his own firm and the pivotal moment when...

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Gaynor Meilke on People-Centric Accounting and Technology Friendly...

Looking for a new podcast for accountants? Canopy just released our 12-part accounting podcast called the Practice Success Podcast! Learn more and listen below! In Episode 1 of...

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