Terrell Turner on Building a Firm, Finding a Niche, and Creating...

Terrell Turner, co-founder of TLTurner Group and co-host of the Things Your Accountant Isn't Telling You Podcast, shares tips for building a firm from scratch, how to find your...

2/14/24 LEARN MORE
Dawn Brolin's Keys to a Successful Work-Life Balance

Dawn Brolin, CEO of Powerful Accounting provides valuable insights into achieving success and work-life balance in the accounting profession. She encourages accountants to...

1/31/24 LEARN MORE
Nancy McClelland on Balancing Passion, Work, and Maintaining the...

Nancy McClelland, CPA & Owner of The Dancing Accountant discusses how she balances her love for dance, her passion for her profession, and her commitment to creating a caring and...

1/17/24 LEARN MORE
Elizabeth Manso on Embracing Technology, Meaningful Relationships,...

Elizabeth Manso, President and Founder of Brigade — which provides real-time business accounting consulting, shares how her firm bravely embraced technological transformation,...

1/03/24 LEARN MORE
Stephen Smith Dives into Creating Niche Audiences

12/13/23 LEARN MORE
Scott Scarano talks AI and Creativity in the Accounting Industry

In this episode, Scott Scarano talks of his career journey, which involves a blend of accounting and entrepreneurship. Scott comes from a family with a background in accounting,...

11/29/23 LEARN MORE
Randy Crabtree on Mental Health Awareness

In this episdoe, Randy Crabtree, co-founder and partner at Trimerit, talks about his career journey and the founding of his tax firm. He shares how he transitioned from computer...

11/15/23 LEARN MORE
Sean Duncan on the Transformation of Traditional Accounting and Role...

In Episode 2 of the Practice Success Podcast Sean Duncan, CPA from SMD Accounting shares his journey from corporate accounting to starting his own firm and the pivotal moment when...

11/01/23 LEARN MORE
Gaynor Meilke on People-Centric Accounting and Technology Friendly...

Looking for a new podcast for accountants? Canopy just released our 12-part accounting podcast called the Practice Success Podcast! Learn more and listen below! In Episode 1 of...

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