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10 Accounting Influencers to Follow in 2024

See 10 accounting influencers who are defining the future of the profession and sharing valuable content that could transform the way you understand and approach your finances.

10 Accounting Influencers to Follow in 2024

As we make our way through 2024, the world of accounting continues to evolve, with influencers playing a pivotal role in shaping industry trends, providing insights, and offering guidance through the complex maze of fiscal management. Whether you're an established finance professional or just starting to navigate the waters of accounting, following the right thought leaders can be instrumental in staying ahead of the curve. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to the top 10 accounting influencers who are not only defining the future of the profession but are also sharing valuable content that could transform the way you understand and approach your finances.



1. Sean Duncan - A dynamic and forward-thinking accounting influencer, Sean Duncan has carved out a unique niche in the world of finance. Known for his innovative approach to accounting, Duncan consistently provides strategic insights and practical advice to his followers. His understanding of fiscal policy and tax law makes his commentary particularly relevant in today's ever-changing economic landscape. Sean's regular blog updates and social media posts offer invaluable resources for both established accounting professionals and those new to the field. His expertise and clear explanations make complex accounting principles accessible to all. Following Sean Duncan is sure to give you an edge in your accounting knowledge and practice.


2. Jody Padar - An avant-garde influence in the accounting world, Jody Padar is known for her progressive ideas, forward-thinking techniques and tech-savvy approach. She is highly respected as the "Radical CPA," advocating for a revolutionary approach to accounting that integrates cutting-edge technology and modern methods. Jody's insights are regularly shared through her prolific writings, including her highly anticipated blog posts and her influential book "The Radical CPA: New Rules for the Future-Ready Firm". She is also a sought-after speaker at industry events and a frequent commentator on accounting trends. Following Jody Padar helps accountants stay updated with the latest technology trends and innovative strategies in the field.


3. Jason Staats: Jason Staats is the Founder of Realize, a high-effort community of accounting firm leaders growing together through collaboration. He also hosts a podcast "Jason Daily", is a pioneering voice in the field of virtual accounting, and the founder of the 'Modern Accountant' movement. Being an early adopter of technology in accounting, he is renowned for integrating AI and blockchain technologies into traditional accounting practices. His insights and forward-thinking approach make him an essential name in the 2024 list of accounting influencers worth following. 


4. David Cieslak - A consummate thought leader, David Cieslak, also known as Inspector Gadget, is at the forefront of accounting technology innovation. His deep understanding of how technology can be leveraged within the accounting landscape to enhance efficiency and accuracy makes his advice particularly valuable. Cieslak's seminars and workshops on the latest software tools and cloud-based services are renowned for their practical advice and future-ready solutions. By following David, professionals in the accounting field gain early insights into emerging technologies and learn how to apply them effectively to stay ahead in the industry. His dedication to demystifying complex tech for accountants ensures that his audience is always at the cutting edge.


5. Amy Vetter - Amy Vetter, CPA and keynote speaker, offers a unique blend of expertise in both technology and mindfulness within the world of accounting. As a champion for work-life balance and the application of mindfulness in business, she brings a refreshing perspective to the accounting industry. Her approach emphasizes the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships and embracing technology to enhance business practices. Vetter regularly shares her insights through speaking engagements, workshops, and on her blog, where she addresses topics ranging from cloud technology adoption to fostering a healthier workplace culture. Following Amy Vetter can inspire a more balanced, tech-savvy approach to accounting that resonates well with modern professionals seeking to thrive in a hectic business environment.


6. Blake Oliver - As an accountant, consultant, and podcast host, Blake Oliver has made significant waves in the accounting industry with his sharp focus on cloud accounting solutions and future trends. His podcast, "The Accounting Podcast," is a premier source of insights on accounting technology, regulatory changes, and best practices. Known for his ability to dissect complex topics and present them in an easily digestible manner, Blake stays at the vanguard of accounting innovation. His active engagement on social media, along with informative articles and webinars, provides finance professionals with tools and knowledge that can propel their careers forward. By following Blake Oliver, individuals gain access to a wealth of current and comprehensive content that keeps them well-informed in an ever-evolving field.


7. Doug Sleeter - A venerated figure in the accounting community, Doug Sleeter is revered for his insightful analysis and substantial contributions to accounting technology and small business consulting. As the founder of The Sleeter Group, Doug has dedicated his career to helping businesses leverage software and technology to optimize accounting processes and increase efficiency. Through his speaking engagements, extensive network of accounting professionals and constant exploration of emerging technologies, Doug guides his audience through the challenges and opportunities of accounting in the digital age. By following his work, professionals can tap into a wealth of knowledge that can help streamline operations and sharpen their competitive edge. His role in shaping the accounting software industry is both influential and inspirational, maintaining his status as an indispensable resource for accounting professionals navigating the complexities of modern business environments.


8. Heather Smith - Heather Smith is an influential figure in the realm of accounting, widely known for her expertise in cloud accounting systems and her ability to streamline accounting processes for small businesses. As a chartered accountant, advisor, and author, Heather has been instrumental in advocating for the adoption of cloud-based accounting services, which she frequently features in her educational webinars and speaking engagements. Her book "Accounting Apps for Dummies" showcases her deep knowledge of the cloud accounting ecosystem and serves as a valuable guide for those looking to embrace technology in their accounting practices. Heather’s contribution to the industry also includes her active social media presence, where she offers tips, updates, and advice on the latest accounting trends, software developments, and best practices. Following Heather Smith can greatly benefit those who aim to modernize their accounting operations and embrace digital transformation in their day-to-day business strategies.


9. Danetha Doe - Danetha Doe is a celebrated advocate for financial literacy and a respected voice in the accounting industry. As the creator of the "Money & Mimosas" financial wellness platform, she facilitates a deeper understanding of money management among entrepreneurs and professionals. Danetha's work goes beyond simple number-crunching; she emphasizes the empowerment that comes with financial freedom and savvy decision-making. By combining her accounting expertise with an approachable style, she has built a bridge between traditional financial education and a lifestyle-focused audience. Following Danetha allows individuals to gain practical financial tips while being inspired to build a healthy relationship with their finances. Her engaging content, ranging from blog posts to interactive webinars, ensures that her followers are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of money and to make more informed business decisions.


10. Jason Blumer - Jason Blumer has established himself as a pioneer in the accounting industry, particularly in the niche of creative agency advising. As the founder of Blumer CPAs, he has focused his energies on blending traditional accounting services with innovative business growth strategies. His firm specializes in guiding design, marketing, and tech agencies through the financial maze of running a creative business. Beyond his firm, Jason shares his insights as a speaker and consultant, often touching on the importance of value pricing and business development for accounting professionals. His thought leadership extends into his podcast, "The Businessology Show," where he explores the business side of design and how creative services impact the world. Following Jason Blumer promises accountants a unique perspective on shaping their practices to better serve creative industries and emphasizes the importance of evolving with their clients' needs.



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