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Sep 16, 2021 2 min read

2021 Tax Deadlines in GIFs

Congrats! With Sept. 15 behind us, that means another deadline is done. Here's a look at this year's tax deadlines through GIFs.

2021 Tax Deadlines in GIFs

Woo-hoo! It's time to celebrate — we are done with yet another tax deadline this year. With Sept. 15 behind us, it's time to take a quick break and recognize all the hard work we've put in so far. Although not all the hard work is over quite yet — Oct. 15 is quickly approaching and with natural disasters across the country, some deadlines now extend into January of 2022. Take a break and see how far you've come (and where you're going) by looking at this year's tax deadlines through some fun GIFs. 

May 17 

Is tax season over yet?! It definitely has felt never ending the last few years. 

Various state tax deadline postponement

This is probably what most accountants looked like in 2021, but especially those with clients across multiple states. Trying to stay on top of the different tax deadlines for states is hard. 


Sept. 15

Another deadline down. Finally!


Oct. 15

At this point in the year, all accountants basically look like this at work. 💀



With this year's natural disasters, many other state deadlines have again been extended. For a list of what those exceptions are, click here. How are you feeling at this point of the year as an accountant? Let us know in the comments below which tax deadline is the most stressful. 

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