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Oct 25, 2015 2 min read

5 Reasons Accountants Need a Facebook Page

The more participation you can get from your online community, the more likely you are to find new customers online.

5 Reasons Accountants Need a Facebook Page

With the rise of social media and online marketing, tax practices have an opportunity to better connect with their local communities. How does Facebook advertising make a difference for small businesses? Is it worth the investment for your CPA firm?

1. It's easy to set up a Facebook page for your business. 

It's not hard to set up a page for your accounting firm or tax resolution practice. Once you go through the basic steps and upload a few pictures, you can invite your current clients to like your Facebook business page. Once your clients like your page, they will see all the updates you post.

Starting a Facebook page is a simple way to stay connected with your current clients in-between visits.

2. You can find new clients in your area with Facebook.

You can boost your Facebook posts to be seen by specific individuals in your geographic location. This is helpful if you want to promote a blog post or a post promoting your accounting services.

You can also target the friends of your current clients. That's a great tactic for tax professionals and any small business. You already have the relationship with the client, why not build one with their friends and networks via Facebook?

3. People are already on Facebook every day.

73% of Facebook users check their Facebook feed on a daily basis. And two-thirds of users search for a local business page on Facebook weekly. You have an opportunity to get in front of potential clients in your community by building a presence on Facebook.

4. You can drive traffic to your website with Facebook.

Your website information should be listed clearly on your business Facebook page. You can also set up ads that encourage visitors to go to your website.

5. Facebook provides clear metrics to show how effective your posts and ads are.

Traditional radio advertising and print advertising are not as effective or measurable as Facebook. Once you have a Facebook page set up for your business, you can see how many people your ads are reaching and how many people click on your Call-to-Action button.

The more participation you can get from your online community, the more likely you are to find new customers online. You want your clients to be liking and re-sharing your posts. Your clients become the bridge between your business page and new clients.

For additional tips on setting up your Facebook business page and how to effectively market your firm on the platform, check out this article by Mobile Monkey.

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