Amy Wall

Amy M. Wall, EA, MBA, is a Canopy CPE/CE course instructor.

What You Need to Know About IRS Form 8855

Tax preparers who deal with estate taxes and trusts are no doubt familiar with IRS Form 8855, Election to Treat a Qualified Revocable Trust as Part of an Estate. Using this form...

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Tax Filing Statuses: The Important Decision Impacting Your Tax Return

When it comes to preparing a tax return, the most crucial decision is determining the client's filing status. There are five different filing statuses: single, married filing...

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Reporting Investment Income from Securities

Many of our clients are heavily invested in the stock market. While we count on the brokerage statements to help us report their income correctly, it’s imperative that we have a...

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IRS Form 941: The Lookback Period and Deposit Schedules

IRS Form 941, Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return, is used by an employer to report federal income tax withheld from employees (including withholding on sick pay and...

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2023 Business Tax Updates

There are many interesting changes in business taxation for the 2023 season! Since tax planning for businesses is an important part of our practice, there are several things we...

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It’s Time for Tax Law Updates – Individual

There’s an old saying that goes: “You can never step in the same river twice.” This is certainly true for tax seasons. Every tax season is a brand-new experience, simply because...

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Required Minimum Distributions

It’s no secret that the U.S. population is getting older. Today, there are more than 54 million adults aged 65 and older, but by 2030, that number is expected to rise to 74...

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Prizes and Awards: Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth

Is it a gift, a prize, or an award? That’s the question! The IRS would like the taxpayer to receive a prize or an award because that’s taxable income. The taxpayer, on the other...

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§529 Plans, American Opportunity, & Lifetime Learning Credits

We all know that paying for higher education is a huge drain on any family’s resources. Happily, the tax code provides a wide variety of ways to help families pay for that higher...

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The Most Important Tax Issues For Homeowners

The principal residence is probably the one thing that nearly all our clients have in common! So dealing with the tax situations arising from the principal residence is something...

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Preparing IRS Schedule-C for Business: What You Need to Know

Schedule C, Profit or Loss From Business (Sole Proprietorship) is one of those tax forms that looks simple, but is baited with many traps for the unprepared tax professional.

5/04/22 LEARN MORE
How to Fill Out Schedule C IRS Form

Does it seem lately like every single client has some sort of side hustle requiring the filing of a Schedule C, Profit or Loss From Business? You’re not alone. More and more,...

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Guide For Airbnb Taxes and Other Residential Real Estate Activities

Back in the day, the only type of rental we dealt with was a plain, old, ordinary rental property with year-long leases. But with the advent of apps that connect landlords with...

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