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Feb 2, 2022 1 min read

Contact Syncing With Quickbooks Integration

Canopy's integration with Quickbooks now includes the ability to select which clients accountants sync. Click here to learn more!

Contact Syncing With Quickbooks Integration

What's new:

Canopy’s integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) just got better—now customers can select which types of customers they’d like to sync with Canopy. 

How it works:

Select QuickBooks Online from the Integrations menu under Settings, and follow the directions to connect QBO to Canopy. You will be given the option to sync all contacts, active contacts, or inactive contacts. Canopy shows you how many matched, unmatched, and duplicate contacts there were during your sync; should you have duplicates and unmatched contacts we link to our help article from right inside Canopy to make resolution even simpler. 

Why it matters:

Keeping your Canopy and QBO systems integrated is important, but we get that you may not always want everything to be integrated. Now you can control exactly what syncs and what doesn’t. 

Where to find it:

Canopy’s integration with QBO works with many parts of the Canopy Practice Management suite, however only our Client Management module is required to sync contacts as we’ve discussed here. 

Get started:

Sync your Canopy account with QBO

Resolve Duplicate and Unmatched Contacts


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