Jul 21, 2023 3 min read

Changing Work-Life Balance Into Work-Life Harmony

Amy Vetter, CEO of B3 Method Institute, sheds light on the importance of reimagining work-life balance as Work-Life Harmony.

Changing Work-Life Balance Into Work-Life Harmony

As the accounting industry evolves rapidly, so do the demands on accountants. The relentless pressure to meet deadlines, manage financial complexities, and adapt to technological advancements often takes a toll on their work-life balance. Enduring that imbalance is what often can lead to burnout — which, to the surprise of no one in accounting, 99% of accountants suffer from burnout. In a recent interview Canopy did with Amy Vetter, CEO of the B3 Method Institute, she shed light on the importance of reimagining work-life balance as "Work-Life Harmony." — an idea that explores why accountants must prioritize their well-being and embrace harmony between their professional and personal lives.


Embracing Workplace Transformation

The first step to obtaining harmony in your work life involves embracing transformation, reevaluating processes, and integrating automation. According to Amy Vetter, modern firms who want to achieve a better balance will foster a culture where working over 45 hours a week is not the norm.




Nurturing Work-Life Harmony

The conventional notion of "Work-Life Balance" often adds stress as individuals strive to achieve an elusive equilibrium. Amy Vetter introduces the concept of "Work-Life Harmony," emphasizing the significance of finding moments of bliss and happiness throughout the day. This means actively choosing to focus on the quantity of time spent on work or personal life but the quality of being present in those moments.




Adapting to a Changing Landscape

The accounting profession faces a challenge with generational differences and belief systems impacting the industry. To synchronize with this reform, accountants need to cultivate an open mind and entrepreneurial mindset to embrace the ongoing transformation. This includes adopting agile approaches to work, given the ever-changing landscape of automation and technology.




The need for better work-life harmony for accountants is undeniable. Embracing workplace transformation, nurturing work-life harmony, and cultivating an agile mindset will redefine the accounting profession for the better. By prioritizing their well-being and finding moments of bliss amidst daily demands, accountants can achieve a harmonious balance between their professional and personal lives, leading to enhanced job satisfaction and long-term success. It's time for accountants to strike a chord with work-life harmony and create a symphony of well-being and productivity.


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