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Dec 11, 2018 2 min read

Feature Update: Latest Billing Enhancements

We released a feature update that has enhanced the billing dashboard, allows for automating invoices, and much more. See details here!

Feature Update: Latest Billing Enhancements

In recent months, we've implemented many new features into Canopy's invoicing and payments function. We are now excited to announce the latest updates, namely recurring invoices, a billing dashboard update, and an accounts receivable aging report.

Automate your invoices

With so much on your to-do list as a tax professional, one of the last places you want things to slip through the cracks is your clients’ invoices. With the new recurring invoices feature in Canopy, you will be able to automatically invoice clients using custom schedules for the recurring services you offer.

With this update, you’ll have the flexibility to set your own start and end dates while customizing the frequency of when invoices get sent out—whether daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You will even have the freedom to create cadences of when you send your invoices with custom alteration (such as every two weeks or every three months), as well as set the day of the week or month. Canopy now allows you to take ownership of your practice and make the invoicing process as seamless as possible.

Financial data at your fingertips

Recent enhancements to our billing dashboard make revenue analysis more visual, easy to interpret, and actionable. Track many metrics, including revenue, outstanding invoices, and overdue payments while having the ability to breakdown invoices by delinquency and view them individually.


Manage unpaid invoices

One of the biggest stresses of any tax professional’s work includes dealing with unpaid invoices. Canopy will lighten that load with accounts receivable aging reports. This enhancement will help you understand and navigate overdue invoices so you can focus your efforts on your collection. Quickly see the highest unpaid invoices by delinquency and client. With this new feature you can see which customers are impacting your cash flow to arrange better payment terms or even sever ties.

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