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Feb 14, 2019 2 min read

Product Update: Invoice Enhancements

We released a new product update that enhances the billing & invoice process, making it more customizable and flexible for your tax firm. Learn how!

Product Update: Invoice Enhancements

Financial transactions are some of the most important and delicate interactions that tax professionals have with their clients. With Canopy's newest invoicing enhancements, you can improve the business processes of your firm and have greater ability to manage invoices with much more customization and control.

Customizable invoices

You now have the ability to show or hide columns on your clients’ invoices that you feel are most important, including invoice description, discounts, tax information, the terms and conditions with the client, and more.

In addition, invoices can now be found and quickly created on the global add icon found at the top of the menu bar. With these new invoicing functionalities, Canopy continues to make software that is convenient and easy to use. 


More control over your invoices

The new additions to invoices gives you broader capabilities during the invoicing process by better supporting not only electronic but also physical invoices. You will be given greater control to create and manage invoices for various in-office and remote transactions.

These enhancements include the option for you to save a draft or preview invoices for finalization. When previewing, you’ll see the final client-facing version and have the ability to download, print, or send the invoice online through the client portal. You can also save the invoice and allow delivery (printing or sending) to be completed by another staff or administrator. The invoices will automatically be marked and updated within the billing system.


Invoicing is one of the most important functions of running your tax practice. Having a robust and efficient system to manage your client interactions is vital to your firm’s financial health. Canopy’s latest additions to invoicing now give you better control and easier management of these interactions.

If you want to experience more of the powerful features offered by Canopy, sign up for a free demo and learn how we can help improve your tax practice.



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