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Nov 28, 2020 2 min read

Nobles Bookkeeping: 3x More Tax Resolution Cases with Canopy's Transcripts Tool

Sharise Nobles of Nobles Bookkeeping shares how Canopy’s Transcripts tool made her tax practice more efficient and profitable than ever.

Nobles Bookkeeping: 3x More Tax Resolution Cases with Canopy's Transcripts Tool

Pulling transcripts through e-Services or over the phone can be one of the most frustrating, time-consuming parts of doing tax work, so many tax pros can’t quite believe it when they hear that they can pull transcripts in as little as 2 minutes using Canopy’s Transcripts tool.

One of these tax pros is Sharise Nobles of Nobles Bookkeeping. Today, we’re talking with Sharise about how using Canopy’s Transcripts tool changed her practice, and why she’s using Canopy for all her accounting services now.

What initially drew you to Canopy?

I was actually pretty skeptical about Canopy at first. I saw the Transcripts feature, and my first thought was “why would I pay for something I can get for free through e-Services?” I was actually positive I would cancel it when my free trial expired. But I was also pretty tired of having to fight e-Services for hours every time I wanted to pull a transcript. In fact, the last transcript I pulled before signing up for Canopy took me over a day to download and print. So I decided I might as well at least give Canopy a try, and signed up for the free trial

Now that you’ve spent some time in the software, what do you think of the Transcripts experience in Canopy?

It’s not just another e-Services like I had imagined. Canopy lets me work so much faster and makes me so much more productive. For example, Canopy saves me at least an hour every time I pull a transcript. If I need it again later, I never need to go looking for the transcript or re-download it. All I have to do is click a button, the information is there ready for me.

And Canopy doesn’t just pull the transcripts faster. The software actually takes all the information and puts it in a pretty little package for me. I love that I don’t have to go digging through years and years of transcripts in order to find the information I need. That saves me a lot of time too.

Besides saving time, how has Canopy impacted your business?

In two really important ways. First, it’s helped me streamline my workflow for all the services I offer. The client survey actually collects a lot of the same information I need when I do bookkeeping, so I’ve actually done away with my other softwares and I’m using Canopy for everything—my client manager, tax services, and bookkeeping.

Second, my profit margin is definitely higher. I really like helping people solve their tax problems, but I was only able to take on a couple of tax resolution cases each year before using Canopy. They took so much time that I couldn’t take on additional cases and continue to provide excellent service to my other clients.

But now, with the help of Canopy, my goal is to take on a new tax resolution case at least every other month—three times what I was doing before Canopy. That means I get to help more people and increase my revenue at the same time.

More About Sharise

Sharise Nobles runs a small bookkeeping and tax services practice in Wilmington, North Carolina. She got her start in taxes 5 years ago "as a hobby" while helping her parents' business navigate some tax trouble.

Want to stop struggling with e-Services? Learn more about Canopy's Transcripts Tool.

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