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Aug 3, 2020 2 min read

Product Update August 2020

Our team has been hard at work to bring you updates aimed at enhancing Canopy’s already robust communication capabilities. Learn about those updates here!

Product Update August 2020

Strengthening your client relationships through improved communication tools is vital to any accounting firm. Our team has been hard at work to bring you updates aimed at enhancing Canopy’s already robust communication capabilities. 

In this post, we take a look at three of those updates. 

Improved Client Communications

Client request templates

Is there a type of client request you send over and over? With client request templates you can put an end to copying and pasting the same text with each new request. You’ll be able to customize each template with a title, due date, how often your client receives a reminder, the default team member to receive notifications, and instructions for the client. 

Once a request template has been created, it can be edited, deleted, or added to a task template to further streamline your workflow.  

Learn more about client request templates


Active client toggle

Streamline the number of active contacts your firm is working with by designating which contacts are inactive with a convenient toggle. Inactive contacts will not count toward your contact billing

Things to know about inactive contacts:

  • They will not have access to the client portal.
  • Spouses can be added to the primary contact’s client portal. 
  • Only notes, calendar events, engagements, notices, transcripts, and emails can be created for them. 
  • They can be filtered from the contacts list. 

Learn more about inactive contacts


Print Notices files

You can now print your important files (original and edited) from all Notices templates with ease. All files will automatically convert to a PDF for a simple printing process. 

Learn more about printing Notices files


Create a connected client experience with Canopy

Client relationships should be collaborative. When sharing information and forms with your client, a “black box” in the cloud is not helpful. What helps you connect with your client is a convenient, secure location to not only store information but to also keep two-way channels of communication open.

If you are interested in learning how our accounting practice management software can help you create a more connected experience for your clients, or seeing these new product enhancements for yourself, sign up for a personalized demo



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