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May 2, 2017 7 min read

Find Canopy at Accounting and Tax Trade Shows This Summer!

Canopy will be at dozens of trade shows this summer. Check our 2017 appearance schedule in this post to see if we're coming to a city near you!

Find Canopy at Accounting and Tax Trade Shows This Summer!

Want to find us this summer? Our product reps have been known to frequent tax trade shows, conferences, and boot camps, and they’re always happy to answer questions and chat with fellow Canopy enthusiasts.

(Not enthused about Canopy yet? Take our easy-to-use software for a test drive, free of charge. We think you’ll love it.)

Below you’ll find a list of all the cities we’ll be visiting in the summer of 2017, from Orlando to Seattle, New York to San Francisco. If you’ll be at one of the conventions or seminars you see here, look for our green Canopy booth!


5/9-5/10          Orlando, FL                       Tax Resolution Leadership Conference by Jassen Bowman

5/11-5/12        Los Angeles, CA               Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

5/16-5/18        Las Vegas, NV                  Super Seminar by CSEA

5/22-5/23        Baltimore, MD                 Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

5/22                 San Jose, CA                      Basic Trust Seminar by Spidell

5/23                 Sacramento, CA               Basic Trust Seminar by Spidell

5/24                 Burbank, CA                      Basic Trust Seminar by Spidell

5/25                 Garden Grove, CA            Basic Trust Seminar by Spidell



6/6-6/7            Los Angeles, CA               Annual California Accounting Show by Flagg

6/8-6/9            San Antonio, TX               Tax Resolution Spring Conference & Boot Camp by ASTPS

6/12-6/15        Las Vegas, NV                  Engage by AICPA

6/15-6/16        Orlando, FL                      Mega CPE Conference by FICPA

6/22-2/24        Lake Mary, FL                  Annual Convention by FSEA

6/28-6/30        Reno, NV                          Super Seminar by CSEA



7/10                 San Jose, CA                     Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/10-7/11       New York, NY                  Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

7/11                San Francisco, CA           Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/11-7/13       Orlando, FL                     Tax Forum by IRS

7/12                 Pleasanton, CA               Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/12-7/13       New York, NY                  Annual NY Accounting Show by Flagg

7/13                Sacramento, CA              Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/14                Culver City, CA                Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/17                San Diego, CA                 Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/18                Orange, CA                      Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/19                 Burbank, CA                    Tax Seminar by Spidell

7/24-7/25        Orlando, FL                     Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

7/25-7/27        Dallas, TX                        Tax Forum by IRS

7/31-8/2          Las Vegas, NV                 National Conference by NAEA



8/2-8/4            New Orleans, LA             Edge Experience by AICPA

8/7-8/8            Seattle, WA                      Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

8/7-8/10          Washington DC              National Conference by NATP

8/8-8/10          Las Vegas, NV                 National Convention by LTP

8/22-8/24        National Harbor, MD    Tax Forum by IRS

8/29-8/30        Rosemont, IL                   Annual Midwest Accounting Show by Flagg

8/29-8/31        Las Vegas, NV                 Tax Forum by IRS



9/7-9/8            Boston, MA                       Accountex by Accountex

9/12-9/14        San Diego, CA                 Tax Forum by IRS

9/14-9/15        Buffalo, NY                      Tax Resolution Boot Camp by ASTPS

9/18-9/19        Atlantic City, NJ             Tax Forums & Expo by NATP

9/26-9/27        Las Vegas, NV                 Tax Forums & Expo by NATP

9/27-9/28        Ft. Lauderdale, FL          Accounting & Business Show by FICPA

9/30                 Oakland, CA                    Regional Tax Seminar by LTP





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