Top 10 Non-Technical CPE Options

We rounded up 10 of the best CPE courses you can take on non-tax related topics that are helpful to daily functions & business growth. See the list!

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1. American CPE, “Attracting Clients to Your CPA Firm”

Format: Self-Study

Credits: 9

You can be the best CPA in the country, but unless you attract clients, your business won’t succeed. Take the proactive approach using the latest strategic techniques to create a marketing plan that helps you get your message out there. This dynamic CPE course packs in a lot of valuable information for an affordable price.

2. Canopy, “Microsoft Excel-Fun With Functions”

Format: Webinar/ Self-Study

Credits: 1

If you want to boost your expertise in using Microsoft Excel, this CPE course is for you. Apply time-saving techniques to your daily tasks and become a master at both common and high-level functions. While it’s ideal for all levels of users, this course is best for those who already have a basic understanding of the software.

3. Western CPE, "Competitive Negotiation Tactics: Your Strategic Toolbox"

Format: Self-Study Video

Credits: 4

This course teaches you the fine art of negotiating. You'll learn how to recognize when to be competitive in negotiations, what the rules of engagement are for negotiation, and how to anticipate the concerns of the opposing side.

 4. Surgent, “Fraud Basics”

Format: Webinar / Self-Study

Credits: 4

Unfortunately, fraud is prevalent and often CPAs are the first to discover suspicious activity within a company. This powerful CPE course provides insight into the prevalence of fraud, effective prevention strategies, and the economic cost of fraud.

5. Canopy, “Cyber Security”

Format: Webinar/ Self-Study

Credits: 2

As a tax professional, you work with all kinds of private information, but is it all safe from cybercrimes? This important non-technical CPE course provides an overview of cybersecurity issues that your businesses must face. Learn more about your responsibility to safeguard information as well as the legal aspects and what you can do to boost security.

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6. Ultimate CPE, “Ethical Conduct”

Format: Digital or Textbook Self-Study

Credits: 4

Ultimate CPE has created comprehensive ethics courses for every state in the US. Affordable and in-depth, each ethics course meets the CPE requirements for CPAs in that state. Coursework covers an overview of ethics and then gets into specifics about that state’s rules and statutes.

7. Western CPE, “Ethical Dilemmas in Representation”

Format: Self-Study

Credits: 2

If you aren’t up to speed on how the major revisions from the IRS affected Circular 230, then this CPE course is for you. Avoid ethical violations and learn more about the rules in representing clients, prohibited conduct and required actions for tax preparers.

8. AICPA, “Advanced Controller and CFO Skills”

Format: Self-Study

Credits: 8.5

There’s no doubt that the role of controller or CFO is critical for a successful business. With your input and influence, you’ll direct some of your business’s most important decisions. This CPE course allows you to hone your skills and develop those attributes that boost the health of the company and your career.

9. Surgent CPE, "Leadership Dynamics and Essentials for the Ever-Evolving Workplace (LEAD)"

Format: Webinar

Credits: 2

Effective leadership skills are the key to having a successful business. This CPE course focuses on boosting those leadership skills by teaching you how to build relationships with a cross-generational team, how to recognize your impact and accountability, and more.

10. Canopy, "Succession Planning"

Format: Webinar/ Self-Study 

Credits: 1

Succession planning is one of the biggest issues facing CPA firms. If you're one of those firms, this course will give you an idea for what other firms are doing to plan succession of businesses, as well as an insight into tools that can assist you in succession planning.

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