Finding the Best Document Management System for Your Accounting Firm

If you want to grow your accounting business, win new customers, and continue to provide an amazing service then having a talented team by itself might not be enough. You’re going...

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Practice Management: The Employee Relationship Way

Practice management is all about finding the most efficient ways to optimize and achieve your business goals. Effective practice management is the foundation of your accounting...

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How to Level Up Your Accounting Firm in 8 Easy Steps

You’ve got the employees, skills, and clients in place to run a great accounting practice. But even the best team fails to operate at its fullest potential if the right systems...

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What are the Benefits of a Document Management System for Accountants?

A sharp, well-organized document management system benefits your accounting firm in important ways. An upgraded, industry-leading document management system will bring 3 massive...

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How to Keep Your Clients' Data Secure

In today’s work landscape, security is—or at least should be—a big deal for everyone. In the accounting world, security is especially important, considering accountants are the...

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How Accountants Can Leverage Accounting Practice Management Software

How can accountants leverage practice management software to be more efficient? Three things. One, they can learn what accounting practice management software is and what it’s...

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Integrations Your Accounting Practice Management Software Needs

The right software integrations can cut costs, increase productivity, and expand seamless communication across your accounting firm. Looking for the right practice management...

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Prizes and Awards: Looking the Gift Horse in the Mouth

Is it a gift, a prize, or an award? That’s the question! The IRS would like the taxpayer to receive a prize or an award because that’s taxable income. The taxpayer, on the other...

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§529 Plans, American Opportunity, & Lifetime Learning Credits

We all know that paying for higher education is a huge drain on any family’s resources. Happily, the tax code provides a wide variety of ways to help families pay for that higher...

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Why Accountants Should Be Using the Cloud

Cloud computing is the process of delivering hosted services using the internet. In a short time, cloud computing has emerged as an efficient and advanced way to boost the success...

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Why Your Accounting Firm Needs a Blog and How To Get Started

Content marketing is a tool that can help increase traffic to your website, build trust with your audience and boost SEO rankings. Let’s take a look at how these things can be...

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3 Genius Reasons to Automate Your Accounting Workflow

Accounting workflow software is an investment, and before going all in, you’d probably like to know what the return will be. The vague, non-technical, CliffsNotes answer to that...

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Your Favorite Accountants in Pop Culture

Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world views your job? Entertainment can sometimes give us a peek through that window. Usually, when we want to plug into TV or movies,...

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Simplify File Management With Canopy’s Virtual Drive

What's new: Canopy users with a Document Management license will now have access to download the Canopy Virtual Drive powered by ODrive. This new feature will give users access to...

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What Automation Can Do For Your Accounting Firm

Across all industries, businesses will run into necessary yet time-consuming repetitive tasks. The same is true for those in the accounting industry. So, what can you do to ease...

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