Get Client Info Quick With Fillable PDFs & Sending Organizers in Bulk

New to Canopy in December are fillable PDFs and sending organizers in bulk, designed to make your lives easier! Read more about these product updates here.

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Send tax organizers in bulk

What’s new: Say goodbye to sending tax organizers to clients one by one—a tedious process no one has time for. Introducing Canopy’s bulk-send organizer. Now, you can send organizers to multiple clients at once through the client portal.

How it works: Canopy's new 2021 organizer accounts for 2021-specific details like the advanced child tax credit, examples for energy-efficient improvements that make it easier to understand, and more. And now, bulk-sending organizers is as easy as selecting a list of clients to send a tax organizer to and then sending them out, as the name implies, in bulk to any client using Canopy’s Client Portal.  

Why it matters: Automating processes gives you more time to do the important work. Managing your clients will be a smoother process now that you can organize them into lists and send the same organizer out to everyone who needs it at once. Canopy helps you get information faster and more easily from your clients. 

Where to find it: Client Management Module

Check out our knowledge base by clicking the button below for tons of information to start sending tax organizers in bulk.

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Fillable PDFs

Fillable PDF - Tax Organizer

What’s new: Have you ever wished that you could send your client a custom form, survey or organizer through Canopy, and empower them to fill it out quickly? With fillable PDFs, you can do just that! Fillable PDFs work natively inside the Canopy Client Portal, so there's no need for clients to download, complete, save, and re-upload forms—all of which causes friction, increases errors, and results in lower completion rates. Any changes they make to the form will be saved automatically and synced with the file stored on your account. No downloading, saving, and re-uploading to Canopy needed.  

How it works: All you have to do is upload a form that has fillable fields, such as text fields, dates, checkboxes or radio buttons to Canopy. From there, just open the file anywhere in Canopy to update fields as the accountant, or send the file to the client and have them update it through the client portal! As soon as a client or colleague starts filling out the form in Canopy, that data is saved immediately—so there’s no issues with missing information. Filling out forms has never been easier. 

Why it matters: We all know forms are a big part of an accountant’s life, but in the modern age of technology, it can be tricky to find a way to fill out a PDF on the computer. With fillable PDFs, filling out forms is as easy as taking pen to paper. Fillable PDFs remove obstacles that make the process more painstaking—i.e. downloading forms, filling them out, then re-uploading them—getting information from your clients has never been as quick and easy. Say goodbye to getting the original blank document from your clients, who accidentally uploaded the wrong file. 

Where to find it: Client Management Module

Check out our knowledge base by clicking the button below for tons of information to start using fillable PDFs.

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