Seamlessly Link Time Entries to Any Invoice

Recording time on invoices is now easier to manage. Users with a Time & Billing license can now associate any recorded time entry to any invoice.

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What's new:

We’re pleased to share that recording time on invoices is now more flexible and easier to manage. Users with a license to the Time & Billing module can now associate any recorded time entry to any created invoice (in addition to recurring invoices). Additionally, users can remove linked time entries from an invoice within the Linked Time modal.  

Why it matters:

By connecting time that you’ve recorded onto invoices that happen outside of recurring invoices, you can provide more details on any particular invoice as well as clean out your WIP report. The WIP report can help you know the outstanding time entries that your firm has. By keeping this list clean and up to date you will have a better understanding of any additional time entries that you still need to create and collect on. Ultimately this will help you have a more accurate representation of where your firm stands in relation to finished work that is ready to invoice. 

How it works:

To see a video of the feature in practice, click here

Where to find it:

This applies to the Time & Billing module, in the Time tab and under the WIP Report.

Get started:

For a step-by-step guide, click here