Jonathan Timothy

Jonathan is a Product Marketing Manager at Canopy.

Expense Management

What's new: We’re happy to announce the release of expense management in Canopy. As you incur expenses in your firm specifically related to clients, you can now record those...

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A Year in Review 2023: New Canopy Features

It's hard to fathom how quickly another year has passed, and yet here we are, reflecting on a compilation of new features and functionality that Canopy has introduced throughout...

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Increase Accuracy and Efficiency with Recurring Task Enhancements

What's new: We’ve enhanced the experience of creating and managing recurring tasks within Canopy’s Workflow module to provide more flexibility, context, automation, and accuracy...

6/07/23 LEARN MORE
Stay Organized and Compliant with Canopy’s Document Retention Rules

What's new: Users can now apply retention rules on document folders to designate a specified amount of time to retain any files inside those folders. During this time period,...

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A Year in Review: New Canopy Features

One of the great benefits of a cloud-based software is that feature updates can happen regularly and nearly instantaneous. At Canopy, feature enhancements are highly influenced by...

4/25/23 LEARN MORE
Easily Set Up Automated Late Fees

What's new: Encourage on-time payments from your clients by setting up automated late fees. With a simple setting option within Canopy, you can automatically apply late fees to...

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Quickly Upload Files with a Secure Link

What's new: Collect documents faster from clients and stakeholders using a secure link without the need to log into a client portal. Canopy users can easily send a secure link via...

3/28/23 LEARN MORE
Pass Credit Card Fees to Clients with Surcharging on Canopy Payments

What's New: Canopy customers* now have the ability to enable surcharging for credit card fees in most states**. Surcharging allows a firm to provide their clients with the...

3/02/23 LEARN MORE
Easily Share Files with Anyone Using a Secure Link

What's New: Sharing a file with clients or key stakeholders has just gotten easier. Now you can send a file using a secure link. Recipients will receive an email (to the one you...

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Have a Better View into Your Work with the New Task Workspace

What's New: We’ve recently modernized the task workspace that will make it easier to visually understand the work within your firm on the task or subtask level. We hope this new...

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Do More With Canopy’s Updated Letter Generator [New Updates]

What's New: Based on your feedback and our efforts to increase efficiency at your practice, we’ve made it easier to access the letter generator within the Canopy app and we’ve...

11/08/22 LEARN MORE
Profitability Report Enhancements in Canopy

What's new: We know how important it is to answer the question, “How profitable is my firm?” This new update provides an additional layer of detail in the profitability report,...

10/25/22 LEARN MORE
Added Automation in Canopy Continues to Save You Time

What's new: We know that automation can help you save time and reduce human errors. This latest release has expanded the areas within Canopy that you can add automation rules to....

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Enjoy Working on Documents More with New File Previewer Enhancements

What's new: For Canopy users with a Document Management module license, working on PDF files is going to get a lot better. We’ve implemented a number of enhancements that will...

9/27/22 LEARN MORE
Get eSignatures Faster with Canopy Secure Links

What's new: You’ll be thrilled to know that Canopy users with a license to the Document Management module can now share an eSignature request to users with or without a client...

9/07/22 LEARN MORE

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