Jonathan Timothy

Jonathan is a Product Marketing Manager at Canopy.

Apple Pay

What's new: We are excited to announce that Apple Pay is now available as a payment option in the Canopy Client Portal App, in addition to ACH and credit card payments. With this...

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Files Interface Redesign

What's new: We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Files Interface Redesign within Canopy's Document Management module. This update transforms the way Canopy users interact...

4/01/24 LEARN MORE
Accounting Templates: A Canopy Guide

In accounting, efficiency isn't just a goal — it's a necessity. Thankfully, accounting templates offer a bridge to this efficiency, providing a foundation for standardization,...

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Quick Pay

What's new: With the latest update, clients now have the flexibility to pay their invoices directly through a secure link, bypassing the need to log into the Client Portal. As a...

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24 for 2024: New Workflow Templates with Automations

Updated Tax-Specific Accounting Workflow Templates: At Canopy, we’ve recently improved 24 of our accounting and tax workflow templates by adding helpful automations to save you...

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eSignature Templates

What's new: To enhance your experience and help you save time, we've introduced eSignature templates on Canopy. These templates enable you to easily add signature, initial, and...

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Feature Update: Knowledge-Based Authentication

Canopy’s eSign helps you securely and seamlessly create an authoritative and instant agreement between you and your clients on any of your documents, and it just got better. With...

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Expense Management

What's New: We’re happy to announce the release of expense management in Canopy. As you incur expenses in your firm specifically related to clients, you can now record those...

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A Year in Review 2023: New Canopy Features

It's hard to fathom how quickly another year has passed, and yet here we are, reflecting on a compilation of new features and functionality that Canopy has introduced throughout...

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Increase Accuracy and Efficiency with Recurring Task Enhancements

What's new: We’ve enhanced the experience of creating and managing recurring tasks within Canopy’s Workflow module to provide more flexibility, context, automation, and accuracy...

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Stay Organized and Compliant with Canopy’s Document Retention Rules

What's new: Users can now apply retention rules on document folders to designate a specified amount of time to retain any files inside those folders. During this time period,...

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A Year in Review 2022: New Canopy Features

One of the great benefits of a cloud-based software is that feature updates can happen regularly and nearly instantaneous. At Canopy, feature enhancements are highly influenced by...

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Easily Set Up Automated Late Fees

What's new: Encourage on-time payments from your clients by setting up automated late fees. With a simple setting option within Canopy, you can automatically apply late fees to...

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Quickly Upload Files with a Secure Link

What's new: Collect documents faster from clients and stakeholders using a secure link without the need to log into a client portal. Canopy users can easily send a secure link via...

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Pass Credit Card Fees to Clients with Surcharging on Canopy Payments

What's New: Canopy customers* now have the ability to enable surcharging for credit card fees in most states**. Surcharging allows a firm to provide their clients with the...

3/02/23 LEARN MORE

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