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Jan 19, 2024 4 min read

A Year in Review 2023: New Canopy Features

Canopy continues to research and develop new features according to the valuable feedback that we get from all of you, our valued customers. Check out a list of some notable releases from this past year!

A Year in Review 2023: New Canopy Features

It's hard to fathom how quickly another year has passed, and yet here we are, reflecting on a compilation of new features and functionality that Canopy has introduced throughout the year. This was an exciting year full of enhancements, completely new functionality, and different package options designed to deliver the best value under one roof for firms of all sizes. 

Notably, Canopy released a few noteworthy features this year with Canopy Insights (including liveboards, data visualizations, custom reports, and more), Roles, and Engagements (including proposals). We also continue to research and develop new features according to the valuable feedback that we get from all of you, our valued customers. Check out a list of some notable releases this past year (organized by module): 


Client Engagement (formerly Client Management)

  • 2022 Downloadable Tax Organizers [January 2023]
  • Client List Updates [February 2023]
  • 2FA - Authenticator App Option [April 2023]
  • Canopy AI - Email Drafts [April 2023]
  • Pro License [June 2023]
  • Clients Dashboard [June 2023]
  • Teams & Roles [June 2023]
  • Attaching Emails to Existing Tasks [August 2023]
  • Modern Email Templates [October 2023]
  • Engagements [November 2023]
  • 2023 Tax Organizers [December 2023]

Document Management

  • Support HEIC File Previews [January 2023]
  • Secure Links - secure links reduce the friction in performing tasks by streamlining your interactions. 
    • Share a File [February 2023]
    • Uploading a file [February 2023]
    • Share File Permissions [March 2023]
  • Bulk Copy Files to Multiple Contacts [February 2023]
  • Multi-color Checkmark Annotations
  • Retention Rules on Folders [May 2023]
  • Virtual Drive and Cloud Premier Right Networks [July 2023]


  • Applying Automation Use Cases [Updated February 2023]
  • Task Work Space Redesign [January 2023]
  • Scrollable filter views on Task List [February 2023]
  • Task Filter Improvements [April 2023]
  • Pro License [June 2023]
  • Tasks Dashboard [June 2023]
  • Recurring Tasks Enhancements [June 2023]
  • Client Record Templates [July 2023]
  • Roles in Workflow [July 2023]
  • Teams on Tasks and Siri Support [July 2023]
  • Task Name Variables [July 2023]

Time & Billing

  • New Canopy Payments Provider (Adyen) [January 2023]
  • Deposit Table Enhancements [February 2023]
  • Invoice Search Enhancements [May 2023]
  • Team Member Productivity Tracking Enhancements [May 2023]
  • Auto Linking Time Entries to Recurring Invoices [ May 2023]
  • Pro License [June 2023]
  • Bulk Edit Time Entries [July 2023]
  • Include Spouse on Invoice [September 2023]
  • Client Filters on Invoice Reminders [September 2023]
  • Making Additional Payments Clearer [December 2023]

Canopy Insights

  • Canopy Insights (with Pro license) [July 2023]
  • Insight Templates [August 2023]
  • Team Member Production Analysis [October 2023]
  • Insights Sage (AI) [October 2023]
  • Billing Realization & Client Profitability Liveboard [December 2023]
  • Linking to Invoices from Insights [January 2024]

Canopy Payments

  • New Payment Provider - Adyen [January 2023]
  • Surcharging (Pass on Credit Card Fees) [March 2023]
  • Set Up Automated Late Fees [April 2023]
  • QBO Payments Sync [December 2023]

Mobile Apps

Canopy Mobile App (for firms)

  • Resend eSign request w/ Timestamp [January 2023]
  • New Invoice Experience [April 2023]
  • Payment Processing [April 2023]
  • Secure Links on Mobile [February 2023]
  • Roles and Teams [July 2023]

Client Portal App (for clients)

  • Secure link support [February 2023]
  • Client Requests: Details & Comments Tabs [February 2023]
  • Surcharging Support [March 2023]
  • Files Tab [April 2023]

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Jonathan is a Product Marketing Manager at Canopy.


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