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Sep 7, 2021 2 min read

4 Ways Accounting Professionals Can Boost Their Social Media Presence

As you begin building your social media presence, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind. Get started with these 4 tips today.

4 Ways Accounting Professionals Can Boost Their Social Media Presence

If you’re thinking about developing a social media strategy for your accounting firm, you’re on the right track to boosting your marketing efforts. But before you focus on a specific social media platform, it’s good to be aware of general best practices across all platforms. As you begin building your social media presence, keep these guidelines in mind:


1. Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

You should be making conscious decisions about how you want to represent your brand any time you post anything on social media. Every single one of your social posts is like putting a sign up in front of your practice and saying, “I support this and it represents me and my business.” As much as a social media presence can be an asset to your business, it can also be damaging if you’re representing yourself poorly.

A part of developing your brand is choosing a voice and tone for your social posts. Think about the way you want to sound on social media and write all your posts in that consistent voice. The more consistent your voice is, the more your brand will feel like it has a personality, and that personality could be what sets you apart from competitors.


2. Know Your Audience

What is the demographic you’re targeting on social media? Address their interests and concerns. Engage with them by following them or sharing their relevant posts. You’ll have more success with social media if you tailor your profiles to the people who could potentially be interested in you and your tax practice rather than trying to appeal to everyone.


3. Curate Your Content

All of your platforms should offer quality, useful content whether that content is your own or you share it from somewhere else (ideally your content is a mix of both). Posting content just for the sake of posting content is not the way to go. You won’t gain many followers — and may even lose some — if your profile doesn’t provide value to the people who spend time on it.

Identify what you like about the social media profiles you follow and engage with. What content do they offer that keeps you coming back? Is there something from those profiles that you can apply to your own content strategy?


4. Use a Scheduling Tool

Posting to all your social media platforms on a daily or weekly basis can become time-consuming. To post more efficiently (and consistently) try using a scheduling tool. A scheduling tool will allow you to schedule all your social media in advance. You could get all your social media scheduled at the beginning of the month if you wanted to. Tools to explore include:

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