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Aug 21, 2018 5 min read

August 2018 Update: 82 New IRS Notices and Letters Supported by Canopy

You need a better way to help your clients deal with IRS notices. Canopy's Notices tool is now even better with 82 new IRS notices and letters.

August 2018 Update: 82 New IRS Notices and Letters Supported by Canopy

Canopy's Notices tool is the fastest way to help your clients deal with IRS notices, and we're always working to make it better. We've recently expanded the number of supported IRS Notices and Letters to a total of 177. Check out the list below to see all 82 of our newly supported notices.

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Newly Supported IRS Notices and Letters (8/21/2018)

CP10 Math Error

CP105 Math Error, Balance Due

CP106 Math Error, Balance Due

CP12M Overpayment

CP13 Changes to Tax Return

CP13A Change to Taxpayer's Return

CP22 Adjustment to tax return

CP259H Didn't File a Form 990/990-EZ

CP425 Form 990 is Overdue

CP426 Form 990-PF is Overdue

CP427 Presumptive Form 990-PF is Overdue

CP428 Form 990-T is Overdue

CP430 Form 1120-POL is Overdue

CP566 Additional Information for ITIN

CP57 Notice of Insufficient Funds

CP75A Exam Initial Contact Letter

CP83 Math Error, Referral to Examination

CP87A Qualifying Child was Claimed on Another Return

Letter 2202 Firm Set Appointment Letter

Letter 2205 Initial Contact Letter

Letter 3572 SBSE Office Examination Call-back Appointment

Letter 3897 Employee Assistance to the Form SS-8 Group

Letter 5821 Renew Your ITIN

LP59 Client Has Not Responded to Levy

LT4989 You did Not Submit form 8867

CP55 Notice to Refile Return

CP268 Correction and Overpayment Notice

Letter 5043 Notification of Possible Income Underreporting

CP167 Proposed increase to FUTA Tax

CP168 Proposed decrease of FUTA tax

Form 886A Explanation of Items

Form 4564 Information Document Request

Form 4549 Change in Tax

Form 5278 Change in Tax

Letter 3219 Statutory Notice of Deficiency

Letter 531-T Notice of Deficiency

Letter 950 Proposed Adjustments

Letter 692 Additional Information Letter

Letter 1912 Notice of Deficiency

CP15B Civil Trust Fund Penalty

CP15H Civil Penalty Notice

CP213N Proposed Penalty Assessment

CP215 Civil Penalty Assessment

Letter 1153 Proposed Assessment-Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Letter 2804C Form W-4 Penalty Abatement Denied

LT2811C Form W-4 Penalty Abatement Accepted

Notice 972CG Proposed Penalty

Letter 369C Estimated Tax Penalty Explained

CP213I Proposed penalty assessment

CP75 Being audited to verify EITC

CP75B Exam Initial Contact Letter - EITC, Residency

CP75D EITC Exam Initial Contact Letter, EIC — Entire Refund Frozen

CP429 Your Form 5227 is Overdue (2nd Notice)

CP11R Recovery Rebate Credit, Balance Due

CP12R Recovery Rebate Credit Overpayment

CP130 Your tax return filing requirements may have changed

CP134B FTD Balance Due

CP134R FTD Refund

CP136B FTD Requirements

CP157 Prior Year Minimum Tax

CP209 EIN Assigned in Error

CP262 Revocation of Status as an S Corporation

CP264 Non-Acceptance as an S Corporation

CP289 Annual Installment Agreement Statement

CP403 Request for Information about form 5500

CP406 Delinquency Notice Form 5500

CP508C Certification of Delinquent Tax Debt

CP508R Reversal of Certification of Delinquent Tax Debt

CP521 Installment Agreement Statement

CP523H Intent to terminate installment agreement

CP575A Notice of New EIN Assigned

CP575C Notice of New EIN Assigned

CP575D Notice of New EIN Assigned

CP59 Return Delinquency

CP88 Delinquent Return Refund Hold

CP89 Annual Installment Agreement Statement

Letter 2272C Installment Agreement Cannot Be Considered

Letter 3127C Revision to Installment Agreement

Letter 2267C Delinquent Return Requested

Letter 2269C Delinquent Tax Return

Letter 3458 Notice of Beginning of S Corporation Audit

Letter 2194 Proposed Alternative Minimum Tax

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