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10 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Accountants in 2023

Need the perfect costume for your accounting office Halloween party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

10 Fun Halloween Costume Ideas for Accountants in 2023

Need the perfect costume for your office Halloween party? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If it’s for a work party, it could be fun to show up dressed in an accounting-themed costume. Check out these costume ideas here:

Halloween Costume Ideas for Accountants


First up, we have a classic: a calculator. It’s pretty obvious why this is an obvious one when talking about accountants. If you’re trying to keep the costume low-key and reusable, you can just wear a calculator T-shirt. 

IRS tax form 

There's nothing scarier than the IRS...let alone their forms. This costume will take a little arts and crafting, but if you’re feeling extra creative then you should go for it. Just get a big poster board, make it look like any IRS form and wear it around your neck. 

Count Dracula 

For this one, you could add a classic green accounting visor to the vampire look and voila: Count Dracula! Get it? 


This one’s really easy because if you’re an accountant, you really won’t need to dress up much. Just exaggerate how tired you are, add some makeup and boom: accounting zombie. 

Kevin Malone with his famous chili 

Dressing up as this lovable accountant from the hit TV show “The Office,” has definitely garnered popularity in recent years. Some people have even dressed up their babies as Kevin with his chili! All you need is a balding wig (or, depending on your hairstyle, maybe not) and a big pot. Simple, easy and fun. 


This one’s pretty self’ll be dressed up as money. Well, a “million bucks” to be exact. You can find this costume on Amazon.

Helena "Helly" Riggs

If you've watched the trending Apple TV+ series, Severance. You'll know exactly who this is. Dressing up as Helly, a macro data refiner at Lumin will be the talk of the party. In fact, any of the macro data refiners would work. They work with numbers, accountants work with numbers...there's correlation there. 

Scary accountant or auditor

If you’re looking for a shirt to wear throughout the month of October (that can double for a Halloween costume) we’ve got the perfect thing for you: the “This Is My Scary Accountant Costume” T-shirt. Or, for auditors, there’s also the “This Is My Scary Auditor Costume” T-shirt.

A donkey 

Okay, let us explain… one Reddit user came up with this hilarious play on words. Wear a donkey costume and say you’re an asset. Ba dum tis 🥁. 


Another punny costume idea from another Reddit user. This one’s pretty clever. Wear a chef costume and put some books in a frying pan. You’ll be cooking the books. 

If you're planning to do a Halloween costume, what are you dressing up as? Let us know in the comments below. 🎃


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