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Counting on Christmas: The Accountant's Wishlist

Imagine for a minute that Santa granted you every accounting-related wish you could ever dream of. In the spirit of giving, we’ve compiled a list of what every accountant on Santa’s nice list might ask for.

Counting on Christmas: The Accountant's Wishlist

It's the most wonderful time of the year…for many people. For many, the whirlwind months of November and December are a time for reflection, celebration, gatherings, and anticipation. Still, this time of year also marks the return of tax return season — and consequently, many accountants are likely already feeling the pressure.

But imagine for a minute that Santa granted you every accounting-related wish you could ever dream of. In the spirit of giving, we've compiled what every accountant on Santa's nice list might ask for.  

Client Matches Made in Heaven

It can be unpleasant to ask clients to recommend your services to a friend, family member, or business colleague, but it's necessary for growth. That's because client referrals are the most cost-effective form of advertising. More importantly, this strategy leverages results: Nielsen's U.S. Trust in Advertising survey found that recommendations from people they know (89%) are the most trusted sources.

Referrals are great, but you must be direct and ask for them. This is the perfect time to send out an email campaign to clients thanking them for their business and asking them to keep you in mind when people in their network need an accounting professional.

Clients at the Top of Santa's Nice List 

Incomplete client information slows down every process and makes for an office full of Grinches. Beyond the practical consideration of staying on schedule, constantly having to follow up with clients can strain the relationship. And if weeks go by without a response, it can put accounting teams at risk of making critical deadlines.

Naughty clients aren't ideal, but accountants must contend with human nature. While it can be challenging to change a dynamic overnight, leading by example can be helpful. Responding quickly to client queries helps indicate expectations. The same goes for creating email templates for FAQs and sending updates via Canopy AI.

On the client organization front, tools like Canopy can produce email reminders that trigger action and help eliminate time-consuming phone calls and emails. Canopy's client portal, for instance, allows for seamless interface and communication via an app.

Prompt Payments in Full

Payment delays can result from a variety of reasons. According to Deloitte, "[I]t takes an average of 30 days to complete a payment — and around 47 percent of the suppliers are paid late for their products or services." These delays could be due to a slow approval process, general disorganization, or unexpected security issues.

Sometimes, payment delays happen because the client needs help finding the process of issuing payment, mainly if they're relying on manual payment methods. Writing and putting a check in the mail can feel like a chore, another obligation on a never-ending to-do list. 

Regardless of the reason, payment delays are stressful and can create unnecessary headaches. Canopy, however, empowers clients to pay with just a few clicks of their mouse. Voila…faster payment and processing times with no extra effort.

More Time, Less Worry

Accounting professionals know deadlines come with the territory, but just because they're ingrained into the culture doesn't mean they don't weigh on accounting professionals. Tight deadlines can create high-pressure environments, leading teams to burn the candle at both ends when they'd rather be looking at Christmas lights.

Time management can help curb some of the deadline-induced stress. Tracking deliverables on a digital calendar and prioritizing tasks is helpful. Removing distractions to create a productive work environment is also good practice. For instance, you can turn off phone and email notifications to keep your attention on your work. A little extra focus can eventually lead to more free time — perfect for putting the final touches on your wishlist.

An AI Personal Assistant 

You can't tell me that every time you see a Sci-Fi show where a digitized tiny human appears to answer the protagonist's questions, it wouldn't be the most convenient tool to have at your firm. Imagine the convenience of having an assistant who can effortlessly comprehend complex financial jargon, automate tedious paperwork, and efficiently schedule meetings. 

With its mind-boggling understanding of intricate financial concepts, it can save accountants from the horrors of processing complex financial data. No more tedious analysis and generating accurate reports because this assistant has got it covered. With this AI assistant, the very idea of paperwork would be a distant, unpleasant memory you could reminisce over while chestnuts are roasting on an open fire.

And that's not all! This assistant's superpower includes managing your calendar like a boss. Your schedule would be the most efficient, sustainable calendar of any accountant ever to hate the month of April. Now, you can focus on the more exciting stuff, like crucial discussions, collaborations, and client interactions.


May Your Days Be Merry and Bright with Canopy

While you might not get everything on your holiday wish list, that doesn't mean you can't dream big. With the right partner in your corner, 2024 can be your firm's most productive and profitable year yet. 

Canopy is synonymous with top-notch practice management software. We deeply understand that our clients' continued success and satisfaction depend on having the right tools and features. That's why a growing list of companies have chosen us as their trusted provider and for their ongoing support. Schedule a demo and get on track to make 2024 one for the books.



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