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10 Accounting Influencers You Might Not Be Following

Check out our list of growing accounting and tax industry influencers that you should be following across your social networks!

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Erin Gabriele

Erin Gabriele

It’s no secret that social media usage has increased over the last year as people were pushed to find new ways to engage with one another. And while search algorithms become more sophisticated, content across social channels continues to be curated towards users’ specific interests and needs. In that way, social media is a powerful source of industry information if you’re engaging with the right accounts. 

We’ve compiled a list of various accounting industry influencers who you need to start following to fill your social feeds with timely thought leadership. 

Kay Bell

Twitter: @taxtweet

Bell is a tenured journalist and published author who has won awards for her blog, Don’t Mess With Taxes, where she “translates taxes into money-saving English.” Follow Kay across her social channels for the latest industry news, financial tips of the trade, and occasional tax-related humor. She was recently named to Accounting Web’s social media leaderboard top five. 


Hitendra R Patil

Twitter: @HitendraRPatil

Patil has been lending his industry insight to the accounting and finance community for over 20 years. His thought leadership around strategic firm growth and customer success has enabled him to excel as a successful mentor and author—his second book, The Definitive Success Guide to Client Accounting Services, was recently published this year. 


Nicole Davis

Twitter: @wifemomcpa100

A trusted financial advisor to businesses large and small, Davis brings over a decade of experience to the table as a CPA. She is the CEO and founder of Butler-Davis Tax & Accounting, LLC where she runs a profit first model, which aims to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty. Her uniquely tailored approach leaves a lot to be admired around firm dynamics.


Bill Sheridan

Twitter: @BillSheridan

Talk about curated content—Sheridan is a self-proclaimed “Communicator for CPAs.” As the Chief Communications Officer for the Maryland Association of CPAs, Bill is a life-long content creator who manages the association’s social networks, produces their CPA Spotlight podcast, as well as co-authors their acclaimed blog


Nayo Carter-Gray

Twitter: @NayoCarterGray

If you’re not already following Carter-Gray, now is the time. A big “techie,” Nayo’s focus is cloud accounting and virtual firm adoption. She is paving the way for accountants and tax professionals to hop on the technology bandwagon. Her firm’s founding mission is to Make Accounting a Little Less Taxing® for small business owners all across the US. 


Jennifer Lee Wilson

Twitter: @JenLeeWilson

A true driver of change for the CPA profession, Wilson is a frequent speaker, author, and consultant. Her company, Convergence Coaching, focuses on altering the traditional CPA mindset, pushing for innovative change, and enabling the development of new habits and skills to achieve transformative results.


Sanjay K Sah

Twitter: @SanjaysahFCCA

Sah is an award winning accountant who’s passion for the industry is emulated in his work. As Managing Director of Makesworth Accountants, Sanjay’s reputation precedes him as he is known for being a trusted financial advisor to his clients. His content revolves around evolving business solutions.


Tom Hood

Twitter: @tomhood

Hood is an industry visionary—as possibly the most tenured influencer on our list, he has a prolific digital footprint. His content contributions to the CPA profession are focused on industry adaptation and development. He currently serves as Executive Vice President of Business Engagement & Growth to the AICPA.


Eric Billimoria

Twitter: @EBillimoriaCPA

Billimoria’s social media content revolves around financial literacy, which is a key area of desired improvement throughout the industry. Similarly, the mission of his company, WealthCare Advisors, focuses on education in order to make clear and determined advisory decisions regarding clients’ financial prosperity.  


Dawn Brolin

Twitter: @dawnbrolin

A CPA, CEO, and CFE with a focus in forensic accounting and fraud detection—Brolin does it all. She is a powerhouse of professional accomplishments. Her content motivates firms to modernize their offerings and elevate their processes by staying in touch with the latest industry tech. Follow Dawn for her witty banter and presentation style. 


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