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Dec 19, 2023 1 min read

Billing Realization

Discover a new pre-built dashboard in Insights, offering visualization and live data for performance tracking at granular levels. Easily customize and analyze profitability metrics, saving time and energy.

Billing Realization

What's new: 

Say hello to another pre-built dashboard within Insights! Use this as is or make a copy and edit and tweak it to your heart's desire. This board not only includes realization by service item and clients, but it also includes profitability metrics which take into account the true cost of labor based on hours billed and salaries indicated (which will only be accessible to Pro Users with the Create/Edit Insights & Team Member Salary permissions turned on). 

Why it matters:

Firms have to know performance at the most granular levels. This report not only allows for firms to see this visually and easily, but includes live data. No need to pull a report every time you need it and then wait for the data to load. No wasted time or energy analyzing the numbers. You now how no excuse not to keep track of this. With scheduled reports, you can easily stay on top of this data while spending a minimal amount of time crunching numbers.


Where to find it:

This is available to Canopy Pro users with a Time & Billing license.


KC is a senior product marketing manager at Canopy.


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