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Canopy Named Top Performer in Accounting Practice Management Software

We’re happy our customers have voted us to win multiple Spring 2022 Capterra awards for our practice management software. Check it out!

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Customers speak louder than companies, right? That’s why we’re happy our customers have voted us to win multiple Spring 2022 Capterra awards for our practice management software. We’ve always thought highly of our product, but it’s always nice to hear it from someone else. Check out what we won for below!

#1 Top Performer! Accounting Practice Management Software Shortlist

GetApp Accounting Practice Management Category Leader

Software Advice Accounting Practice Management FrontRunner

Accounting practice management software should bring together all of your practice’s mission-critical functions in one place. Cloud-based accounting practice management will help eliminate task switching and clicking, improve efficiency and tighten up internal and client-facing processes and communication. That’s what we’re all about here at Canopy. That’s why we’re honored to be named the #1 Top Performer on the practice management software shortlist and as an accounting practice management category leader for GetApp and be listed as Software Advice accounting practice management FrontRunner. 

Document Management Software Shortlist (Emerging Favorite)

Decentralized document sprawl, lack of secure systems, unformatted files and clients losing information—any of this sound familiar? We know document management can be a headache. That’s why Canopy strives to make those headaches go away with our Document Management software. We’re glad our hard work has paid off and we’ve been named as an emerging favorite by Capterra.

Billing and Invoicing Software Shortlist (Noteworthy Product)

Without the ability to track time in practice management software, accountants are forced to find another place to track and record time spent on projects. With Canopy’s Time & Billing Module, accountants are able to track their time and create invoices all in the same place. Plus, with our QBO integration, double entry is eliminated and accuracy and efficiency is increased. We’re glad our users love this seamless experience and we’re honored to be placed on the billing and software shortlist for our noteworthy product. 

We also recently won some G2 awards, which you can check out here.

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