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May 27, 2021 2 min read

This Week's Webinar Wrap-up

The multi-faceted Jason Blumer, CPA joined us to discuss his Client Management Strategies for Accounting Firms, and we learned so much.

This Week's Webinar Wrap-up

On Tuesday, May 25 Canopy hosted a webinar featuring Jason Blumer, CPA about his Client Management Strategies for Accounting Firms. Jason has over two decades of experience in consulting and coaching firms through strategic growth. He’s a leading industry content creator as a podcast host, speaker, writer, and more through his company Thriveal

We’ve summarized the key topics that Jason covered during the webinar below. 

Why do we need Client Management Strategies?

Successful firms understand that clients fund their growth. Therefore, the client experience should be of utmost importance to your firm’s growth strategy. There is a direct relationship between how your firm defines your clients’ needs and what services your firm provides. You can’t assume to know what your clients need, but they will typically come to you with an idea of what they want. Implementing an intentional strategy is to identify in what ways clients can be led and assisted by your firm’s diverse offerings. Without a client management strategy, you will likely incur roadblocks to your firm’s potential growth down the road.

What is the Client Management Ecosystem?

Stand out among competitors by implementing these three phases of the Client Management Ecosystem outlined below.

The 3 Phases 

Client Onboarding - A crucial part of the preparation phase, onboarding is key to building a sustainable firm by getting the right clients in the door.

Pricing - Different from billing, pricing is a great way to start a conversation with the client about value and intentionally agree together to move forward with the relationship.

The Business Model - This step has to do with how you lead your team and manage your firm’s capacity resources.

If you’re hooked and want to hear more, click here to watch the full webinar!



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