Erin Gabriele

State Tax Extension Deadlines 2021 - Disaster Relief

Many states affected by recent natural disasters, including Hurricane Ida, have received tax extension deadline...extensions.

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4 Ways to Create a Top-Tier Client Experience

Canopy Announced as a G2 Leader!

Thanks to our amazing customers, we’ve been honored as a G2 Summer Leader. Please forgive us if we toot our own horn for a minute.

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Advising Clients on the Child Tax Credit

More than 36 million families will receive letters from the IRS in the coming weeks. But this time, it’s good news and you can ease your clients' worry when they call you freaking...

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This Week's Webinar Wrap-up

On Tuesday, May 25 Canopy hosted a webinar featuring Jason Blumer, CPA about his Client Management Strategies for Accounting Firms. Jason has over two decades of experience in...

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New IRS Transcripts API Integration

We all know how critical security has become. It’s super important to our clients and just as important to the health of our firms. Nothing can be more devastating than finding...

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Flexing Your Soft Skills

As an accounting subject matter expert, you already know that technology adoption is an industry standard nowadays. Coupled with the right software, the valuable set of niche...

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Congratulations: You’ve Unlocked an Achievement!

Welcome to the Post Pandemic Tax Slashing Virtual World Warrior level. It's over! You made it to the end. (Aside from Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma and Texas CPAs — we’re...

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Time to Take Off: Post Tax Season Trip Ideas

We’re in the last stretch. The finish line is in sight. And the weather is starting to warm up. Have you thought about how you’re going to take time off after tax season? What...

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Scaling Up Your Accounting Microservices

While most CPA firms typically offer tax, bookkeeping, and review services, according to a 2020 Deloitte survey coupled micro-services are disrupting the classic financial vendor...

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Common Time Traps Across Accounting Firms

A modern workplace calls for evolving technology and updated methodologies. If your firm is still bogged down with dated processes because they worked in the past, it’s time to...

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How to Approach Client Filing Delays

Occasionally, there is that client that won’t return your phone calls until after hours and will send in their paperwork last minute—or not at all. What do you do when you’re in...

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4 Ways to De-stress During Tax Season

Although busy season is time consuming and all-around mentally demanding, that doesn’t mean your well-being should take a backseat to your workload. If anything, prioritizing your...

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