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Jun 23, 2021 3 min read

Canopy Announced as a G2 Leader!

Based on the ROI, user adoption, likelihood to recommend, among other factors, Canopy received an overall satisfaction score of 9 out of ten.

Canopy Announced as a G2 Leader!

Thanks to our amazing customers, we’ve been honored as a G2 Summer Leader. Please forgive us if we toot our own horn for a minute. 

We’re beyond thrilled to be included on the G2 Summer Reports Leader Board across a number of categories. Based on the ROI, user adoption, likelihood to recommend, among other factors, Canopy received an overall satisfaction score of 9 out of ten, leading the way for Accounting Practice Management solutions.

Here’s a peek at our results ...

Most Implementable

We know that accountants are swamped with a billion different types of technology and are practically expected to be IT professionals. That’s why our focus has been on trying to make it as easy as possible for you to adopt our platform. Ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption including other factors were the guiding characteristics that determined Canopy’s leading score across Accounting Practice Management Implementation Index. If you want even more tips, be sure to check out the knowledge base here. 

Best Relationship

We adore our customers, and we’re incredibly grateful to hear that they love us back! Canopy was the leading provider within the Accounting Practice Management Relationship Index, which is gauged from the ease of doing business with, quality of support, likelihood to recommend plus additional factors. Much of this is thanks to our fiercely passionate customer support team. They are seriously the If you want to thank them or just get a question answered, follow one of the options here

Easiest To Do Business With

We don’t think it should EVER be hard to do business with someone. Fortunately, Canopy came out on top in categorical satisfaction, earning high marks for meeting user requirements. 

Users Most Likely To Recommend

In tow, Canopy also received high ratings for average user adoption earning most likely to recommend. Okay, this is really a reward for our customers. They are AWESOME in the way they spread the word to their friends about Canopy. But, hey, if you want to refer a friend, we’d be happy to give a bit back to you. Learn more about our referral program here

Best Results

Canopy prides itself on building great relationships with our customers by providing insight into product updates and encouraging ideation suggestions to project new features. Ultimately, we are so thrilled to be included in these reports, and we continue to challenge ourselves to improve our product for our users every day! 


“The best part is their continued inquiry into how they can develop what we need...We get constant updates and tasks to test so they can improve them before they roll them out. They also keep constant contact with their clients on things they are working on that will be rolled out soon or in the near future. If we do reach out with questions or concerns, they follow up as well. And for simple daily tweaks, their chat feature is supported to address and correct things within minutes...From our experience, I believe they will deliver what the accounting industry has needed to become cutting edge in the cloud.”

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“If you're looking for an all-in-one client management and workflow software, I would definitely recommend Canopy”

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“The user interface is well designed and easy to use. Quick customer support. A lot of features in one package. Makes our lives easier having all client tax docs in one secure place for easy access. Hassle-free billing saves us stress.”

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