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Dec 22, 2017 1 min read

Feature Update: New Transcripts Experience

Canopy is introducing a smoother, quicker transcripts experience.

Feature Update: New Transcripts Experience

Canopy’s free, 2-minute Transcripts Tool just became even more efficient. We’ve already made a few changes to work with the IRS two-factor authentication update, and now we’re introducing a smoother, quicker experience.

One Step to Transcripts

Previously in Canopy, you had to complete a CAF check and then select all the years and types of transcripts you wanted to pull. Now, we’ve combined those two steps into one. When you pull transcripts, your CAF will automatically be checked and every transcript you have the authority to pull will be pulled. No clicking through several steps, no sorting through lists of years and transcript types.

Because the process of pulling transcripts has become easier, your dashboard will also be simpler. You won’t see as many columns as before (such as the CAF check column), making the dashboard even easier to navigate.

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