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Feature Update: Save Time with Task Templates

We released a feature update that makes task management even easier with the use of templates. Save time & stay organized, learn how here!

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Micala Ricketts

Micala Ricketts

If you’ve already been enjoying the efficiency Canopy brings to task creation, we’re about to make your day: we’ve now added task templates! You’ll no longer have to create the same tasks over and over. Instead, you can create a workflow for a specific task—complete with description, dates, reminders, and subtasks. Simply save it as a template to use the next time that task comes around. Let’s take a look at the two major benefits you’ll get from this update.

Say Goodbye to Repetitive Work

As an accountant, you have tons of recurring tasks that come around at the same time each year. For example, quarterly due dates for payroll. Let’s say you have 20 clients you perform payroll services for. Rather than recreating those same payroll tasks for each client, you can now set up the task once, save it as a template, and apply it to every payroll task you have for every client. You can put the time you save toward more meaningful work.

task templates

Say Hello to a Flexible Management Tool

Another benefit of task templates is that a manager can set up the workflow for specific tasks and assign them to other employees. If there are certain steps you’d like followed every time a task is performed, you could make those steps a template. That template can then be applied to the task no matter which person in the practice is working on it. This will help ensure that tasks are being completed correctly and consistently.

task templates

Instead of setting up workflows for each task and every employee, why not just apply a ready-to-go template and be about your day? Th’s enough tedious, repetitive work involved in being an accountant—setting up your workflow shouldn’t be part of it.

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