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Jun 5, 2018 1 min read

Feature Update: Synchronized Team Schedules

We released a feature update that allows multiple calendars to be synced together, improving efficiency, organization, and transparency. Learn how here!

Feature Update: Synchronized Team Schedules

Coordinating the schedules of every team member and all your clients can feel like an impossible task at times. But with Canopy’s newest Practice Management update, you’ll be able to connect your calendar, manage events, and see upcoming tasks so you can keep everyone on the same page and perfectly prioritize your day. Here’s a closer look at Canopy’s Calendar update.

Universal Calendar

Once you’ve connected your Google account, you can import existing events, and continue to sync in real time, so your events are the same across the board—no matter which calendar you work in.

Top Priority

You’ll also be able to see a full view of your calendar, events, and outstanding tasks in one place so that you know exactly what you need to focus on each day. On a task level you can see statuses, identify overdue items, and update progress directly in calendar.

Synchronized Schedules  

Lastly, not only can you synchronize your own calendar, you can also see other team calendars you’ve subscribed to to get a complete view of team availability and easily schedule meetings.

Interested in seeing how the Calendar update works? Sign up for a demo here.



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