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Feature Update: Time Tracking with Multiple Timers

We’ve improved time tracking to make it even more useful for you and your firm.

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Micala Ricketts

Micala Ricketts

In April we introduced time tracking to the Canopy lineup, and in August we made it more robust. Now, we’ve improved it further to make it even more useful for you and your firm. Here are the new enhancements you should know about.

Multiple timers

Need to track time for multiple clients throughout the day? You can now do that in Canopy at the click of a button with multiple timers. There is no limit to how many timers you can open, so you won’t miss a single billable hour from any client. Plus, you can add notes to organize timers and pause, save, or discard time entries.


Staff timesheet

Your staff members who aren’t admin users will now be able to view, edit, and add their own time entries across all of their client work.


Want to try out our new-and-improved time tracking feature? Sign up for a free trial here (no credit card required).


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