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Dec 6, 2021 2 min read

2 Easy Ways to Attract Millennial Clients to Your Accounting Firm

Your accounting firm needs millennial clients, which means you need to make millennials trust you. Check out these two simple ways to gain their trust.

2 Easy Ways to Attract Millennial Clients to Your Accounting Firm

As national demographics shift, earning the business of millennials is increasingly important. In order to earn their business, you have to help millennials trust your accounting firm first. But, earning the trust of millennials isn’t as simple as referencing your professional title or experience. We know that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with ways to improve, but that’s why we’ve got two quick ways you can start earning millennials’ trust (and business) today.

Attracting Millennial Clients 

1. Adopt modern technology

If you want to attract millennial clients to your practice, you can’t afford to seem disconnected or out-of-date. For millennials, using technology isn’t about being cool or trendy. Since everyone they know uses technology constantly, technology isn’t novel—it’s expected. If you’re not making good use of modern technology at your tax practice, millennial clients will take notice and take their business elsewhere.

Ideas to get you started:


2. Show that you care

Millennials place a higher value on social responsibility than the generations before them. Research shows that 91% of millennials would switch brands to one associated with a socially responsible cause. Millennials feel that it is their responsibility to support companies that do good things with their money.

For accountants, that means giving back to your community can earn you a huge competitive advantage. It also means that you need to be transparent about what you do to make a difference in your community. Millennials want to take notice of your efforts and reward them with their patronage, but they can only do so if they know about those efforts in the first place.

Ideas to get you started:

    • Show the environmental impact of going paperless
    • Sponsor local youth activities and stay active within your community  
    • Do pro-bono work for individuals or nonprofit organizations 

Want to learn more about millennials? Well, they aren't just good clients—they can make great employees as well. As you're looking to hire more talent, check out this blog  to learn what millennials are looking for in an employer.


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