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Mar 2, 2023 6 min read

Financial Harmony Tax Resolution: Increased Job Satisfaction With Canopy

As a Tax Resolution specialist, Ralph Nelson has the satisfaction of helping clients settle their tax debts on a daily basis.

Financial Harmony Tax Resolution: Increased Job Satisfaction With Canopy

"I like to keep everything in one place. Canopy is perfect for that." — Ralph Nelson, of Financial Harmony Tax Resolution


Charlie hadn't filed a tax return in 20 years when he was referred to Financial Harmony Tax Resolution. With Ralph’s compassionate and professional help, Charlie successfully filed 14 state and federal returns and settled his tax debt. As a result of Ralph’s intervention, Charlie was able to open a checking account for the first time in over twenty years.

As a Tax Resolution specialist, Ralph has the satisfaction of helping clients like Charlie settle their tax debts on a daily basis.

The Problem with Tax Preparation

But it wasn’t always that way—for nearly twenty years Ralph’s focus was on tax preparation for individuals, trusts, S corporations and single person LLCs.

A few years ago Ralph became disenchanted with his tax preparation heavy business model. He disliked being forced to rely on filing tax returns over and over in order to make any real money. Not only was it repetitive, but his clients rarely left happy. The problem wasn’t with Ralph or the quality of his work—it was simply the nature of tax preparation. No one enjoys paying to learn how much they owe in taxes.

Tax Resolution Solution

Ralph started dabbling in tax resolution in the mid-2000s, but it wasn’t until two years ago that he chose to focus on resolution work. This shift was an important business decision, allowing Ralph to reduce his dependency on the tedium of high-volume, low-return tax preparation work.

Just as important though has been the way Tax Resolution has revolutionized Ralph’s relationships with his clients.

A New Passion, Made Simple

Ralph is happy with his transition from tax preparer to Tax Resolution expert, but it took him time to find the right tax resolution software solution for his new focus. “I ask a lot of questions,” says Ralph. “I want to understand the software I’m working with, and I just couldn’t get enough support from my previous software company.”

After switching to Canopy, Ralph was impressed by how simple his administrative tasks became, from the Offer in Compromise workflow to task management. “I use Canopy every day,” Ralph says. “I like to keep everything in one place. Canopy is perfect for that.”

Ralph uses Canopy to keep notes on conversations with both clients and revenue officers, to track upcoming professional tasks, and of course, to make his Tax Resolution work simpler than ever.

More Than Just Software

Canopy has become Ralph’s go-to software for all his Tax Resolution needs, but his satisfaction with his new software solution doesn’t end at best-in-class features and thoughtful, human-centered design. As a trusted Canopy client, Ralph has come to expect the same kind of personable treatment he works so hard to provide to his clients.

More About Ralph

Ralph Nelson is an Enrolled Agent and the founder of Financial Harmony Tax Resolution. After spending years focusing mostly on tax preparation, Ralph has recently shifted his focus to tax resolution, which he finds far more fulfilling.

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