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Jan 4, 2022 2 min read

Major Mobile Enhancements Available to Canopy Users

New to Canopy in December are major mobile enhancements for Canopy users. Read more about this product update here.

Major Mobile Enhancements Available to Canopy Users

Mobile enhancements

What’s new: A key feature of the Canopy platform is the ability for accounting firms to access it via phone or tablet. The latest version of our practitioner app, iOS and Android 1.14.0, are live in the App Stores now! This release allows dashboards to work seamlessly for even the biggest task users (10,000+ tasks). In addition, this update includes multiple features that you can find on the web version. 

  • Task dashboard updates: We’ve aligned this section with the way it works on our web version. Overdue task due dates will be in red. Don’t want to scroll endlessly through tasks? No need to worry. You have the flexibility to organize, filter, and view your tasks however you prefer to see them. 
  • Task start dates and custom dates: Users can now manage start dates and view any other custom dates directly from the app.
  • Task budgeted time: We now show and allow users to manage budgeted time on tasks from the app.
  • Display Name: Users will see “Display Name” in all contacts and task views (if present). They can manage them from the app as well. 
  • Searching: Users can search for clients by both “External ID” and “Display Name.”
  • Push notifications: Android push notification bugs have been fixed. 

How it works: Simply make sure the latest version of your app is up to date. 

Why it matters: Team members are working remotely more and more. They are not just away from the office—often they are even away from their home. This means the ability to work from a phone or tablet is critical to success. Our latest update works to make that process even easier. Even better? Our app is the leader in the industry with tons of high ratings. Because it’s our priority to ensure that it’s easy to use, we are constantly optimizing it. 

Where to find it: Our practitioner app is included in the Client Management module, Task related features are  included with the Workflow module. 

Need more help? Our knowledge base includes a ton of step-by-step articles on using the Canopy Mobile app.  Check it out by clicking the button below. 

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